10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hoda Kotb

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hoda Kotb

In the world of daily talk shows there are a lot of personalities out there to talk about, and finding just one that a person fancies or that is worth talking about any more than another is kind of difficult. Hoda Kotb is one of many but she’s been a topic of interest as of late for a number of reasons since it’s been seen that she’s a very outgoing person and likes to be where the action is when it comes to the Today Show. Her personality and her ability to keep the people interested have won her this spot, but it was also, depending on who you ask, because of the incident that led to one of the regular co-hosts being let go. There’s not much controversy there on her part it would seem but Hoda has still been seen to gather comments from fans and detractors alike depending on how people feel about her. That’s one of the things about being a public figure however, people are always going to have opposing opinions.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Hoda.

10. Social media seems to love her since she has a massive following.

She has well over a million followers on her social media accounts and it’s not much of a surprise why since the Today Show is watched by a lot of people. Those just waking up or those wanting to watch something before heading off to work will either watch intently or will at least have it on in the background, and since Hoda is now a big part of it that seems to translate into more followers.

9. She had a mastectomy in 2007 along with reconstructive surgery.

Some might ask why bother having reconstructive surgery at all but this would be kind of a silly question since one, she’s a big enough celebrity that she’s seen by a great many people, and two, image is worth quite a bit on TV. But what seems worth even more is the fact that she’s been very open about it and has owned the fact that it happened.

8. Hoda has shown up in a couple of the Sharknado movies.

Depending on what you think about the movie this could be a good or bad thing for a career since obviously Sharknado did become something of a phenomenon during its run. But being that it was kind of made to be cheesy it might have just been something fun for her to attach her name to.

7. She used to be in tight with Kathie Lee Gifford.

Some have tried to pinpoint just when their relationship started fading but the best anyone’s come up with is that once Hoda adopted her child and got together with her boyfriend they just kind of moved apart from one another.

6. Hoda replaced Matt Lauer on the Today Show.

When Matt Lauer was accused of sexual misconduct and subsequently released from the show she was brought on in his place. This is what might cause some people to talk but since Lauer was in fact found to be at fault the talk should have been minimal.

5. She makes around $7 million a year.

To be on TV and do whatever else is required to promote the show she makes that much, so her net worth has to be astronomical though it rarely seems to get talked about. Hey, if you can do something you like to do and get paid for it, so much the better.

4. Hoda’s been known to snipe at other talk show hosts on the air.

Unfortunately she’s not above sniping at other talk show hosts as she’s been seen to ignore the high road and go after others in the same manner they go after her. There was something of a feud between her and another talk show host, but whether it’s died down or is just on hiatus is hard to know.

3. Her relatives used to try to set her up with dates.

This was a while back in her life but it did happen according to her and she wasn’t entirely enamored of the thought that her family was attempting to get her marry someone just because they wanted to see her secure in a marriage.

2. Parts of her ancestry have been confused by the media.

This seems to happen now and again with some celebrities as the media, who do usually check their facts in order to get things right, have been known to mess things up a bit when it comes to certain facts about various individuals.

1. It was a fairly obvious she wanted to be a journalist when she was younger.

From high school to college and after college this was about the only constant path she really took, meaning that she had it in her mind to make it this far and she wasn’t going to be moved.

Like every celebrity she’s got people that like her and people that don’t, but that doesn’t affect how she does her job.

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