10 Things You Didn’t Know about Curse of Oak Island’s Vanessa Lucido

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Curse of Oak Island’s Vanessa Lucido

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Curse of Oak Island’s Vanessa Lucido

Vanessa Lucido – competent, and a take-charge blonde who represents ROC Equipment, the company who is helping the Lagina brothers Rick and Marty excavate HB borehole on Oak Island, an island off the coast of Nova Scotia well known for its legends and mysteries and holds hundreds of artefacts still waiting to be discovered… and treasure. But what do we know about Vanessa Lucido?

1. ROC Equipment

Vanessa is the CEO of ROC Equipment, but her family have been working in drilling for ages. She has gained her skills and experience observing and learning at her family’s company, Becho Inc. ROC equipment is a woman-owned and operated company, with a DBE certification.

2. Where she was educated and what she got out of it

Vanessa was educated by Utah University, and she received an MBA, but she has also received a BA in business, management, marketing, and Related Support Services, and in humanities. She is extremely knowledgeable in retail, heavy equipment which is fitting considering what she does, claims handling, project estimation, and Consumer goods. Vanessa is also a professional safety consultant through her experience.

3. CEO and personal tragedy

Vanessa became the CEO of ROC when she was 26 years old. But her father died at the same time at the age of fifty-nine in an industry-related accident. She has two brothers who are also just as successful in the drilling industry. Her father treated his family the same and encouraged his children’s interest regardless of gender. Vanessa is the mother of a little girl, and she also has an aunt who owned a blasting company.

4. Horses

She loves horses. When she was a child, her parents purchased a ranch and her life was a mix of horses and drilling. Indeed as she grew up, Vanessa heard two sounds in her life – the sound of horse running around in a pasture, and the growling of engines in the drill rigs as they churned up the ground. But she also enjoys long-distance relay runs.

5. Other business

Vanessa’s business empire does not just encompass drilling, she has also developed an equally successful toy business.

6. Offscreen

Vanessa is just as driven, and her older brother Rusty says she doesn’t know how to fail, and she is an overachiever with a magnetic personality. Her colleagues are often humbled by her drive and her business sense while she works hard. Her COO at ROC, Dawn Winters, says she has the ability to multitask on a grand scale, but she does it with style. She is noted for getting involved in every aspect of her company’s operations, and it doesn’t matter to her if its big or small.

7. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

Vanessa knows nothing works all the time, and drilling equipment does break down. it’s no different on the History Channel as the fans of Curse of Oak Island, and occasionally the viewers have seen Vanessa display disappointment when she’s running the operation at the borehole. During one of the latest episodes of Oak Island, the rig which was responsible for the hauling up of the underwater soil in the Money Pit, everyone was taken by surprise when the ground beneath the equipment disappeared. After inspecting the ground, Vanessa told the brothers the oscillator had to be shut down because the ground was caving in. The dig was believed safe to continue, but the following night the sinkhole grew to six feet, and then to eleven feet, and the ground became too unstable to work on, so she does know how disappointing things can get.

8. Patience is a Virtue

Vanessa tries to retain her patience in every aspect of her life as she could. She knows nothing comes out of life without hard work and focus, not to mention excellent perseverance. Vanessa usually sets her long-term goals, and she works hard to make sure she and her company work for those goals.

9. In tune and aware of the market

Vanessa tries to understand what her clients want her company to do, but she learnt from her fathers’ death she needed to be perceptive, to be strong, and to be strategic. Using this philosophy Vanessa does her best to understand her clients, but she also keeps her eye on the market and what it is doing. She says its key to the success of her company, being in tune and aware of the industry.

10. What People Think About Her

Vanessa is highly respected and well liked by those who work for her. Her employees believe it would be hard to find anyone in her industry who doesn’t like her. She always approaches her work with a smile, and she is extremely confident in a predominantly male orientated environment while she works hard and gives ten times back to her company.

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