10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bad Chad Customs

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bad Chad Customs

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bad Chad Customs

Bad Chad Customs is a new show that premiered on the Discovery Channel on New Year’s Day of 2018. If you didn’t catch the first episode and you’re a fan of auto building, then it’s something you might want to check out. We’ve watched the show and liked what we’ve seen so far and we’ve also done some research to provide you with 10 interesting facts about Bad Chad Customs that you probably didn’t know, but might be glad to find out.

1. The show is as real as it gets

The setting for the new show is a small auto body shop in a rural town. Chad Hiltz is the real star of the show, going by the title “Bad Chad”, hence, the name of the television show. Chad is an expert at creating one-of-a-kind cars through his vivid imagination and tremendous skill as an artisan and auto builder.

2. Bad Chad uses the most basic tools

The real genius that we saw in the show is that Hiltz doesn’t rely on fancy equipment; rather, his greatest talents lie in his resourcefulness and creativity. His tools are quite basic, yet he is able to make the best use of what he has at hand due to his ingenuity and inventiveness. He is truly one of those people who know how to make the most of what they have.

3. Chad isn’t above scavenging RV parts

When Chad is in his creative mode, he can take scraps and parts from a variety of different vehicles and incorporate them into his auto designs. It appears that his creativity knows no bounds. He can even use parts from an aircraft, a boat, or other non-automotive related materials and make them serve his purposes in putting together one-of-a-kind auto creations.

4. Chad specializes in turning junkyard trash into treasures

We were in awe of Hiltz’s ability to go into a junk yard and source materials to build a car that could win prestigious awards. He can look at scrap metal and envision a stunning finished product. He has the skill to transform old, ugly materials into functional and artistic automotive creations that can take you down the road and back.

5. His vehicle creations are all one of a kind

It’s one thing to create a high-quality production car, or to modify an old car and refurbish it. That’s child’s play compared to what Bad Chad is capable of. He has become a legend in his neck of the woods, and the locals in his community know that he builds one-of-a-kind cars that are truly remarkable. It’s a talent that he has, and it seems he’s getting even better with time.

6. He made a car called The Bat out of Hell

This name is just one example of the unique custom automobiles that Bad Chad builds. The Bat out of Hell is a vehicle that is actually made in part from kitchen cabinet door knobs and a dorsal fin. He has another one which he calls the Green Goblin, and the trunk is located in the middle of the car, with the engine in the back and no doors.

7. He has a tight knit team called the Green Goblin Customs team

Chad runs a tight ship, aided by a team of dedicated players that provide him with invaluable support. Aaron, Chad’s lifelong friend and a gifted builder, works alongside him, as does Alex, the mechanic. Chad’s son Colton and his fiancée Jolene, who also manages the shop, ensure that everything runs smoothly. We have high expectations that this group will provide viewers with an entertaining season.

8. Chad doesn’t have a big budget

If you have an unlimited bankroll and some auto-building skills, it is possible to create some amazing vehicles, but this is not the case for Chad and his team. The show is about creating unique, one-of-a-kind car creations, but they are all completed on what he refers to as a “working man’s budget.” This is where the heavy-duty salvaging and repurposing of older materials comes into play.

9. The show is about relationships

We can already tell from the first episode that Bad Chad is going to be just as much about relationships as it is about building cars. There is a father-son relationship, a best friend, and a fiancée in the mix. We’re going to have the privilege of following their story while getting to watch them build some of the most kick-ass vehicles you’ve ever seen.

10. Chad and Jolene have a unique dynamic

We are expecting to see an interesting story line unfold with the relationship between Chad, 47, and his fiancée and manager of the business, Jolene, age 29. They became engaged in 2017, and while Chad works his magic with the junkyard treasures he finds, Jolene uses her expertise to keep Hiltz and his crew on time and on budget.

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