10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amazon’s “The Widow”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amazon’s “The Widow”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amazon’s “The Widow”

Amazon has certainly been coming out strong with new movies and series that people have been flocking to and deeming as some of the best shows and films that they’ve had the pleasure to watch lately. One of those, The Widow, is a story about a woman that’s lost her husband only to find out that he might still be alive when she sees a sign of him at one point after his death. It becomes a tale that takes her to several different places in search of just why he would fake his death and whether or not it was actually by his design that such a thing happened. If you know anything about Kate Beckinsale then you know that putting her in an action-packed sequence here and there is going to lead to something that’s uniquely great even if she’s the best part about it. This might be another show that you might want to go and watch just for a chance to see her in action again.

Here are a few things about the show you might not have known.

10. Kate Beckinsale and Charles Dance were both in Underworld.

It’s pretty obvious to many who Kate played as Selene was the baddest woman and the most skilled fighter in the entire Underworld series. But Charles didn’t come into the picture until the later movies. Plus, you’ve likely seen him as Tywin Lannister on Game of Thrones.

9. There was a thought that it was based on a true story but it’s not.

There seems to be a bit of this going around lately as people are starting to wonder just what shows and movies are based on something that happened in real life and which are just fiction. This story however is nothing but fiction.

8. The series was filmed in South Africa, Rotterdam, and Wales.

They got the chance to film in a few very interesting locations that helped to make the show a bit more authentic and give it a lot more of a serious lean since being on a sound set versus being out in the actual wild does seem to make a bit of difference.

7. There are 8 episodes in the series so far.

It would almost seem as though Amazon is playing it safe just to test the series out and make sure that people like it, but with Kate Beckinsale at the helm and with the idea that there’s action to it then they should be thinking that it’s plenty safe and people will love it, hopefully.

6. Kate Beckinsale actually passed out one day from the heat.

Things do happen every now and again on the set and it would appear that she’d just been done in for the day on this particular shoot. Thankfully there was someone next to her that noticed when she went lights out and she was taken to a local hospital to recover for the day.

5. The main character is convinced that her husband faked his own death.

This is pretty much the driving plot of the show so far and you would think that it might be easy to wrap it up quickly after just a couple of episodes, but so far it would seem that the producers have bigger plans than that.

4. This show was released on March 1st, 2019.

That’s how new this show is, that it was released only a day before this article. It does seem as though Amazon might be stretching itself a bit thin at times with all these new projects coming out, especially since they have to bank on at least so many of them making money so that they can make a healthy profit. But so far it would seem that they’re doing pretty well, and this show seems like it should do just fine as it rolls on.

3. The show is featured on British ITV as well as Amazon Prime.

One has to wonder if Amazon is doing this to bolster sales and gain more viewers because it absolutely needs them or if it’s just something that was thought up in order to make a leap into a different market and perhaps interest more people in the streaming service. After all it never hurts to partner up with someone in order to attract more fans.

2. Each episode runs about an hour long.

This seems wise since leaving it any shorter doesn’t seem like it would allow for enough character development, or even the chance to see the situation through to the fullest when it’s absolutely needed. Half-hour run times are usually best for sitcoms and can otherwise stymie the story line.

1. Kate gets to play a tough and hardened character again.

She’s been a tough character and a much gentler character depending on the movie she’s in. But one thing a lot of people can agree with is that watching Kate Beckinsale kick some butt or just act like a tough character is a lot more enjoyable.

It definitely seems like a show worth watching.

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