10 Things You Didn’t Know About Adria Arjona

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She’s the star of both Andor and Morbius, but what do you really know about Adria Arjona? Arjona is a talented young actress who made her acting debut in 2017, but she’s so much more than the characters she’s played. She’s young, eager, and talented and has a fascinating story. From her early life to her ability to hide from the world when she’s not feeling it, she’s someone you want to know more about.

1. How Old is Adria Arjona?

Adria Arjona was born on April 25, 1992. She was born in San Juan, and that’s where she lived until she was almost a teenager. The actress got into the business in 2012, which means she was 20 when she took the plunge. She didn’t do it without preparation, though.

2. Where is She From?

Adria Arjona Torres was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Perhaps you don’t know this, but her father is famous. He’s a famous singer and songwriter. His name is Ricardo Arjona. Her mother is Leslie Torres, and she spent a great deal of time with her father when he toured the world for his musical career.

3. She Moved to NYC on Her Own

She was only 18 when she made a move. Arjona grew up in Puerto Rico with her family, though she did not always spend much time there. Her father’s career regularly put him on the road, and she went with him. She didn’t always travel with him, but on occasion, she was gone on his tours for weeks at a time. Her childhood was spent traveling, and that is an amazing thing. When she was 12, her family moved to Miami, where she lived until she was 18.

Credit: @adriaarjona

4. She Studied Acting

She didn’t just go into acting without any clue. Arjona studied. The reason she moved herself to NYC when she was only 18? She went to study. She enrolled in courses at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, and she learned. The actress also worked her way through her courses. In her spare time, she was a waitress. She sometimes worked as a hostess, too.

5. She’s an Advertising Model for a Major Brand

Not only is she a talented actress, but she’s shaking up the world with her modeling skills, too. She was chosen to work with Giorgio Armani’s fragrance campaign in 2021. The fragrance is My Way, and she nailed it. She’s shown now that she can model, act, and interact with her fans on a level that makes her relatable. She’s a double threat.

6. She’s Making a Remake

We all grew up loving the movie Father of the Bride. It’s simple genius, and it is a classic comedy. Did you know that the movie is being remade? There is a modern take on Father of the Bride, and Adria Arjona is cast in the new version. It’ll tell the same story but have a much more Cuban-American family focus. We imagine it’ll be just as hilarious as the first.

7. She’s Not Always Excited About Being Recognized

When she worked on the Marvel film Morbius, Marvel fans began to recognize her everywhere. When she was cast in Andor, Star Wars fans also began to recognize her everywhere. The difference is that Star Wars fans are everywhere, and they’ve been around for much longer. There are more of them, and Arjona is not a fan of being recognized everywhere she goes. She enjoys her privacy. She likes to meet her fans and knows she has to make public appearances, but there are moments in her life when she wants to be anonymous.

Credit: @adriaarjona

8. She’s Not Above a Disguise

The key to her disguise is simple. She wears her hair naturally. She straightens it for many of her projects, but it’s naturally curly. For her own sanity, she is a woman who likes to keep her hair down and naturally curly when she has a chance. It works for her, and it throws people off. They might think she’s familiar, but they don’t put two and two together.

9. Adria Arjona is Happily Married

She is a happily married woman. She and her husband became engaged in 2018 and were married in 2019 – we think. All we know for certain is that he’s an attorney, and his name is Edgardo Canales. They’ve been together for many years, and they seem quite happy. She often shares posts about their romance on her Instagram page, and her fans love to see her happy.

10. She Enjoys a Downtime Weekend Like the Rest of Us

Books, quiet, and no plans – the ultimate dream weekend for so many of us who live the busiest of busy lives. We don’t glorify busy, but sometimes life hands us a hand that doesn’t allow for much else. She’s the kind of woman who has no problem grabbing a book and spending her weekend curled up doing all the reading, and we relate to that on a very personal level.

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