Top 5 Moments in Morbius

Top 5 Moments in Morbius

Comic fans are quite familiar with the superhero character Morbius. So, when Sony announced its production, expectations were high. Besides being the third movie in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, the character is based on Marvel’s comic.

The movie’s storyline follows Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) and his childhood friend Lucien (Matt Smith), who he nicknamed Milo. At the start of the movie, both characters are plagued with a rare blood disease they have to deal with until adulthood. Morbius then finds a cure that also turns him into a vampiric creature.

Refusing to let his brother and friend, Milo, experience the same fate, he refuses to share the cure. Finally, Milo finds it and injects himself with it. Milo is cured but gets overly too comfortable living life as a vampire. Morbius must step and try to stop him from hurting others.

Although the movie reportedly bombed at the box office, it did manage to pull in a revenue of $163 million worldwide from a budget of $75-83 million. No doubt it received some negative reviews, but here are some memorable scenes in the movie.

Morbius Goes to Costa Rica to Hunt Bats


Credit: Morbius

Early in the movie, Morbius is brought in a helicopter to some mountain top in Costa Rica. It seems his bodyguards and mercenaries had no clue what they were doing there, or maybe they mistook it for a holiday expedition.

Whatever the case, Morbius stands at the entrance of what looks like a dark cave. He cuts the palm of his left hand and holds it up into the cave’s darkness. But not without informing his bodyguards at the last minute.

“If you’re going to run, do it now.”

Thanks, but no thanks, Dr. Morbius. Maybe you should have informed them the minute the chopper landed that you had no plans of leaving with the team.

Morbius Gets His Cure, but at What Cost?


Credit: Morbius

Morbius creates a treatment from bats but needs funding and a secured lab to test the illegal experiment on himself. He turns to his friend, Milo. The latter provides the necessary funding for a vessel to sail in international waters, as well as mercenaries.

Morbius is cured but turns into a bloodthirsty vampire. He turns on his mercenaries and kills them to quench his thirst. Again, this dude has a thing against bodyguards; you can’t argue otherwise.

When he returns to his senses, he deletes footage of his bloodthirsty rampage. If you’ve never read the comic, at this point in the movie, it’s hard to tell if Morbius is a villain, hero, or something in between. But let’s blame it on his inability to control his newfound powers. Yet, admittedly, a massacre is an extreme way to reveal your powers.

Milo Gets His Powers


Credit: Morbius

Hate him or love him, Milo makes being a villain so appealing. The dude just wanted to get rid of the pain and suffering he had experienced all his life. But then, the universe decides to ice the cake with some supernatural abilities.

Hollywood makes an effort to distinguish between good and bad vampires by their ability to control their urges or become vegetarians (drinking only animal blood). Milo will have none of that and allows himself to be who he is. Like humans go eat chicken when they crave it, Milo just wants to feed and not be burdened by morality.

Morbius and Milo’s Face-off

Morbius and Milo

Credit: Morbius

With Morbius playing the moral compass and trying to prevent his friend from suffering his new fate, a face-off became inevitable. Morbius fears what Milo has become and breaks out of prison to stop him. Luckily, Morbius had created a vampire antibody before he was arrested.

Milo takes things too far by killing Nicholas, their childhood hospital director and adopted father. Milo also injures Martine Bancroft and leaves her for dead to lure Morbius. For needed strength, Morbius drinks Bancroft’s blood after she dies to go battle with Milo.

With the help of his bat friends, Morbius overpowers Milo. He then injects him with the antibody, eventually leading to his death.

The Rise of Martine Bancroft

Martine Bancroft

Credit: Morbius

When Milo injures Bancroft, he leaves her for dead. However, Morbius gets to her before her final breath. As Morbius comforts her, he doesn’t realize a drop of his blood falls into her mouth. As far as Morbius is concerned, she dies, and he drinks her blood for strength.

Martine Bancroft awakes later but as a vampire. Morbius kills Milo but remains unaware that Bancroft has arisen. Bancroft’s vampiric rise only warrants a sequel, especially with the mid and post-credit scenes.

Marvel comic and Sony’s Spider-Man Universe fans can only wait to see what’s in store in its sequel. Although there’s been no official statement from Sony, fans can only keep their fingers crossed for what the future holds.

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