A Peek into Disney’s Monstober 

A Peek into Disney’s Monstober 

The spookiest season is around the corner, and we know you can’t keep calm. From decorating your house and getting weird costumes to collecting delicious candies and enjoying movie marathons, Halloween brings along many delightful moments with your loved ones. While there are plenty of ways to cherish the season, most people prefer the comfort of sitting in a cozy blanket and re-living the beauty of classic Disney Halloween-themed movies.   

Disney Channel has contributed majorly to redefining the standards of a family-friendly spooky season. In 2005, they launched an attraction for the DCOM audience, ‘Hauntober Fest,’ which was later renamed the ‘Monstober Fest’ in 2011. Disney aired their original Halloween movies and series every night during that fest to celebrate the festive zeal. Although the Monstober fest died, you can still resuscitate its spirit by creating your own list of Disney Halloween films. So, let’s check out some exceptional movies that still make the cut for this season’s marathon list.   

Under Wraps (1997)

A Peek into Disney’s Monstober 

Credit: Under Wraps

Under Wraps will always be one of the best picks for Halloween nights. This super-entertaining, not-so-scary Halloween movie revolves around three preteens and a 3000-year-old Egyptian mummy. The kids go on an adventurous journey to help the mummy reunite with his long-lost lover while also keeping him safe from the locals until he returns to his sarcophagus before Halloween midnight, failing which the immortal soul will turn into dust. The time-ticking action brings an added thrill to the otherwise fun plot. All-in-all, it is one of those movies that will never go out of season. A must-add to your family marathon!!   

Frankenweenie (2012)

A Peek into Disney’s Monstober 

Credit: Frankenweenie

Being the first black-and-white feature-length and the first stop-motion 3D film, Frankenweenie was positively accepted and appreciated by many. It is a classic tale of pet affection where a nerdy boy (named Victor) revives his dead bull terrier (Sparky) by the power of electrocution. However, the twist comes when his friends try to resurrect other dead creatures and end up creating an army of monsters who wreak havoc at the town fair. Add this Saturn Award-winning comedy-horror monstrous film to your list to experience the rollercoaster of emotions this Monstober.  

Halloweentown Series (1998–2006)

Four movies in this series – Halloweentown, Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge, Halloweentown High, and Return to Halloweentown – are sure to stir up your fantasy dream world. These movies are based on a small village called Halloweentown, a land of fantasy beings created a thousand years ago in a parallel universe. The series sequence grows gradually around the lives of three siblings who discover in the first film that they’re from a witch family belonging to Halloweentown. The following films feature a different storyline developed around the basic plot itself. Together they are all a cute amalgamation of several fantasy creatures giving you some whimsical Halloween vibes. Definitely a marathon-worthy series!  

Twitches (2005)

A Peek into Disney’s Monstober 

Credit: Twitches

A classic Disney movie with the good over evil theme, Twitches is a portmanteau for ‘Twin’ and ‘Witches’. It is named after identical twin sisters from the magical dimension of Coventry who are separated at birth and taken to another universe. The story develops when they cross paths on their 21st birthday to realize the truth about their lives and magical powers and embark on a journey to save their birthmother and kingdom from darkness. The story is a cliched Disney production ending with a moral for kids. Overall, it is rated as pleasant entertainment for a Halloween movie night. If you are a fan of classic female lead movies like Frozen, this one is worth watching. 

The Scream Team (2002)

If you like a good fantasy movie that is adventurous and curious for kids, then this would be the right choice to be on your list. The Scream Team is all about how three ghosts join forces with two kids to save other ghost spirits from an evil one. The children, Ian and Claire, visit their late grandfathers’ house, where they discover a ghost depot. However, when they’re unable to find their grandfather’s spirit, they set out to defeat the infamous evil ghost who is alleged to have captured him and many others for their powers. 

Being a Disney movie, it captures the essence of ghost spirits, death, and the afterlife in a light-humorous tone. Moreover, it makes children understand the concepts of compassion and friendly ghosts. Although the movie shows the kids lying and breaking the rules, showing Pinocchio to your children after it will definitely sort this problem. No doubt, it is a good family watch for your personal Monstober fest this season.  

Disney Channel is an integral part of our childhood and has the charm to enliven every age group with its heart-warming creations. So, relish the Monstober spirit and re-ignite the holiday feel this Halloween with the greatest DCOM marathon.   

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