10 Things You Never Knew about the Movie “3 Ninjas”

10 Things You Never Knew about the Movie “3 Ninjas”

10 Things You Never Knew about the Movie “3 Ninjas”

3 Ninjas is the kind of movie that we probably thought was extremely cool as kids and realize now could never happen. Skilled and trained as they are, the three brothers are still a great deal smaller and quite a bit weaker than their opponents, who are foiled through movie magic and a lot of pluck that is great when you’re in a movie but not so much in the real world. Still, as a kids’ film it was entertaining and fun to think that as a child anyone could kick butt so long as they were trained by a grandfather that was also a ninja master.

A few of us might have fantasized about a life like this.

10. A couple of the lead actors were a lot like brothers.

They would tumble about and wrestle with each other just like siblings and had a very close relationship that saw them act just like brothers at times.

9. Disney had to cut and alter a lot in this movie to make it more acceptable.

They felt it was too violent for their liking and had to add cartoon sound effects and dial down some of the scenes to make it more acceptable for kids. You know, a company that talks about putting a young girl’s heart in a box in a cartoon just can’t abide real-world, choreographed violence.

8. Colt’s original name was Pony.

It just doesn’t seem to have the same zing to it. But in the international version his name was changed to Mustang.

7. The ninja with the painted face was Colt’s trainer.

This kind of makes a person think that they didn’t have much of a budget for this film so they had to use who was available.

6. One of the second assistant camera operator’s had a part in the film.

Once again the film kind of had to utilize the people that were around. This same person had a role in another film but has mostly stayed behind the scenes.

5. The boys had an 8-Bit NES system that was shown in the movie.

This should tell you just how old this movie is really since the boys were still playing Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES.

4. Hammer was obviously a Metallica fan.

He had an image of the band up just about everywhere he, so at least the character was a fan if not the real person.

3. The unedited version of this movie is available on Hulu.

If you want to see the movie without the goofy sound effects and as it was originally shot it would be good bet that Hulu will be showing that version.

2. Despite being trained as ninjas the boys never fight the main bad guy.

This kind of reinforces the thought that despite being highly trained they’re still kids and just aren’t up to par yet when it comes to taking on the big bad.

1. The international version of this film was never released on home video in the US. 

Disney just wasn’t into tarnishing its good image, even though some of its cartoons were a lot more violent than this.

It was a fun movie at the time.

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