10 Things You Didn’t Know about “The Usual Suspects”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about “The Usual Suspects”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about “The Usual Suspects”

Who is Keyzer Soze? He’s the man behind the smoke screen that’s been laid over the eyes of his fellow accomplices, the one that’s pulling all the strings and getting away with whatever he wants. He’s hiding in plain sight and still no one can see him because they wouldn’t believe if they knew. As Verbal he’s less than a blip to a lot of people, but if they only knew what lay behind the simple exterior someone on the crew might have put a bullet in him long before their ill-fated heist that wasn’t really a heist but a way to get rid of everyone in one fell swoop. This movie was for the most part set up as a heist with one big mystery behind it, the identity of Keyzer Soze, which was something that people were waiting for but not in the manner that was finally revealed. Still, by the time the con was finally shown a lot of folks had to go back and watch it again in order to find out just what they’d missed.

The devil that hides in plain sight is the true master of deceit it would seem.

10. Benicio Del Toro was hard to understand with his accent.

The odd speech pattern was his idea for the character since otherwise the role would have gone to someone older. But the other actors had trouble understanding him and had to ad-lib a lot.

9. Kevin Spacey was always meant to star in this movie.

Spacey was the only one ever considered for the role of Verbal Kint.

8. The lineup scene was a hard scene to film.

At this point the actors were all getting tired, flubbing their lines, and the director was getting fed up with all of them. Plus, Del Toro kept passing gas and never admitted to it until later.

7.  Baldwin’s reaction to having a cigarette flicked in his face was real.

To be fair the cigarette was supposed to bounce off of his chest, but since it struck him in the face he reacted the best way he knew how.

6. This movie has been voted as having the best plot twist ever.

It beat out other movies like the Crying Game and the Sixth Sense, which is impressive because a lot of people couldn’t have predicted those.

5. Nobody made a lot of money on this film.

The budget for this film was so low that no one could take a regular salary.

4. Kevin Spacey met with doctors to discuss cerebral palsy.

He wanted to know just how he would have to walk and act with cerebral palsy since it was important to his role.

3. The budget was only $6 million.

That’s a pretty low budget for a major motion picture. Gabriel Byrne almost didn’t sign on because he didn’t think that it could be pulled off.

2. Stephen Baldwin and Kevin Pollak didn’t get along after this film.

It could have had something to do with the fact that Baldwin stayed in character most of the time and bullied people around like he was the tough guy.

1. Michael Biehn almost got the part of McManus.

He didn’t take the part since the film made no sense to him, but later on he regretted not signing on.

It’s a simple film but the twist will put you back on your heels.

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