10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Movie “School Ties”

When a star quarterback is offered the chance to attend an elaborate and upscale preparatory school he doesn’t balk at the chance. The only problem is that he has to conceal the fact that he’s Jewish since in the 1950’s a lot of places were still less than accepting of Jewish individuals. When the truth comes out about who he is and what ethnic group he belongs to the tables turn and his fellow students and friends turn on him quicker than he can blink. His life at school becomes something less than what he’d expected. It’s a story that shows the dangers of hiding who you are, and of how loyalty is a very fragile thing.

It was one of Brendan Fraser’s best films ever.

10. The school that offered their grounds for the film didn’t even know the plot.

It almost seems like they just wanted a chance to get famous by being featured in a film. Thankfully the plot was nothing horrible or damaging.

9. Gene Siskel was pleased by this movie.

Siskel recounted his own experiences in prep school thanks to this movie and underwent a few situations that were fairly similar.

8. Several places in Groton, Massachusetts were given money to fix their appearance for the film.

It would seem that people really wanted to make the town look as nice as possible in order to make the people watching think that it was something unique and special.

7. This was Cole Hauser’s film debut.

He’s been more of a supporting player throughout his career but he’s someone you tend to miss if he’s supposed to be around and isn’t.

6. Amy Locane and Brendan Fraser also play a couple in Airheads.

They played a couple that was on again/off again due to Fraser’s character always focusing on his band and never working.

5. Cole Hauser, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck would later go on to star in Good Will Hunting.

They played best friends there too as well and created a core group that, joined by Casey Affleck, was able to create a movie that was somehow lowbrow in some cases but also amazingly sentimental while still being kind of rough around the edges.

4. Much of the shower fight was done using cold water.

Apparently they ran out of hot water and had to finish the scene in cold water, so you can imagine that they wanted to get it done right and quickly.

3. Brendan Fraser’s football number was 42, as was baseball player Jackie Robinson’s. 

Both men had to endure a long, hard road that forced them to undergo a great amount of hatred and bigotry that they’d never earned.

2. Cole Hauser was also a bigot in Higher Learning.

He played and even more aggressive role in Higher Learning however since he was a Neo-Nazi skinhead that ran his own small crew and had no problems killing.

1. Matt Damon actually went to Harvard.

This alludes to the last line that he speaks in the movie as he tells David that he’ll be getting into Harvard, but David will always be a Jew. It’s about the weakest line a bigot could ever give but it worked in the film.

Sometimes just being who you are isn’t always accepted, but it’s always important.

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