10 Things You Didn’t Know about Maddie Ziegler

Since reality television started taking over the nightly network lineups, more and more everyday people have found fame and fortune. You no longer need to take acting classes and go on auditions for tiny parts for years before getting your big break and becoming famous. All you need today is an outgoing personality and a bit of drama in your life to become a sensation overnight. This is something that Dance Mom’s Maddie Ziegler knew first hand.

If you don’t know much about Maddie, read on.

Maddie is Just 14 Years Old

Most 14-year-olds are making plans with friends and preparing for their freshman year of high school. This is not the life of Maddie Ziegler. Since she was just 8 years old, she has been appearing on the Lifetime reality show Dance Moms. In February 2016, her mother announced that she would be leaving the show and that her future project would be kept a secret until the time is right.

Dance Moms Was Not Her First Taste of Dancing on Reality Television

Back in 2010, Maddie was on Paula Abdul’s reality dance competition, Live to Dance. The show was very similar to So You Think You Can Dance. The only difference between the two shows was that Live to Dance allowed dancers of all ages to compete. The show didn’t last long, and Maddie’s show never even made it to television. According to Maddie, that was just fine with her since she found even greater fame on Dance Moms.

Maddie Isn’t the Name She Was Given at Birth

Many people who are trying to make it big in acting, modeling, singing, and dancing often change their names for entertainment purposes. While Maddie was not her given name, she did not change it on her own and it definitely wasn’t for the industry. It happened close to a decade before she started dancing and well before she broke into the entertainment industry. When Maddie was born, her parents named her Taylor. When she was just a few days old, they realized that she was more of a Madison rather than a Taylor, so they legally changed it. She was only Taylor for a few days.

She Never Leaves Home Without Her Security Team

When Maddie was younger, she could leave the house with her mother without any worries. Since she gained fame on Dance Moms, her parents had to take extra measures to make sure that she is protected at all times. She has bodyguards who protect her when she has a public appearance or when she goes to an event. Her parents use the same security team, and it is reported that Maddie has a crush on Kipper. She thinks that he is very good looking.

She’s a Philanthropist

Maddie may be just a kid, but she still wants to use her fame and popularity to help others. Maddie teamed up with her sister and they are both ambassadors for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. This is a non-profit organization who works hard to make hospital stays and experiences for children and teens with chronic illnesses better. Maddie says that working with the organization and with the kids has been one of the most rewarding experiences of her life.

Maddie Considers Dance Her Full Time Job

Even though Maddie is not old enough to work full time, she puts full-time hours into her dancing. She believes that she will need to do this if she is going to reach her goals as a dancer. She stays in the studio long into the night to get specific moves just right. While she was on Dance Moms, Abby Miller tried to convince her to be home schooled so that she could dance as much as possible. Abby wanted her to be able to take full advantage of her talent without having to sit in a classroom for 8 hours a day.

Maddie Appeared in a Music Video

Abby’s dance skills are so well known that she caught the attention of recording artist, Sia. She was looking for dancers for the video for her song, Chandelier, and Maddie immediately came to her mind. She had seen her on the show and was so impressed by her work that she reached out to Maddie. The video currently has over 1 billion hits on YouTube. This was a huge step in Maddie’s career.

She Has a Little Sister

Maddie has a little sister named Mackenzie who she shares a room with. Her family jokingly calls their room, “the store”, because it is loaded with costumes, jewelry, and makeup that their girls use in their dance routines. Mackenzie says that Maddie can be bossy at times, however, she looks up to her sister for inspiration. She says that she loves spending time with her big sister and that she would rather not compete with her.

She Dreams of Being on Broadway

Maddie has been working to get roles on television and film. Her true dream, however, is to be on Broadway. She auditioned for Billy Elliot and got 8 call backs. Eventually, she decided not to pursue the role any further. If she did join the professional musical world, she could no longer dance with Abby Miller, which was something that she was not willing to give up.

She Felt Free After Leaving Dance Moms

Maddie has recently spoken out about her departure from Dance Moms, and she says she now feels so free. She said that leaving the show was her first step in being independent of Abby Miller. She said that even though it was a tough decision, leaving the show gave her more control over her life and her career.

Maddie Ziegler is very young to have earned such fame and recognition already. Since she was a little girl, she has had a love for dancing. Dance Moms gave her a start, and now that she has left the show, it has opened many doors for new and exciting opportunities. There is plenty about Maddie that you likely didn’t know, but you do now.

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