10 Things You Didn’t Know about “The Conjuring”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about “The Conjuring”

The Conjuring is one of the creepiest movies made so far in this century as it features a real-life story, glamorized of course but still as eerie as it gets. The spirit of a witch known as Bathsheba has cursed the land that the Perron’s have just moved onto, creating in effect a haunted place that after only a few days begins to affect the family after killing their dog. Ed and Lorraine Warren, experts in the occult and demonology, are called out to examine the house and determine whether it requires an exorcism. Only when the spirit within the house begins to become increasingly violent does Ed take it upon himself to perform the exorcism, thereby banishing Bathsheba from the house for good.

The film was truly horrifying in some regards.

10. Philippine audiences were blessed before watching the movie.

Many people felt a negative presence within the theater and were blessed by a priest before sitting down to watch.

9. The real Perron family came to visit the set.

While they were there a strange wind whipped by them, but it didn’t shake any of the surrounding trees apparently.

8. Eight generations of families lived in the house before the Perron’s moved in.

There were a good number of deaths in the house that were never disclosed and had to be found out through the town histories.

7. The film was given a firm R rating.

It didn’t have any excessive use of language, nudity, or anything else that could have pushed it over the line but the MPAA was adamant about this and wouldn’t change their minds.

6. Rhode Island doesn’t require full disclosure when selling a home.

This means that the Perron’s had no idea that people had died in their home and that it had such a disturbing history.

5. Andrea Perron and Lorraine Warren served as consultants on the film.

Despite being a rather negative memory the two women were no doubt the authority on what had happened.

4. The film received an R rating based on the scare factor alone.

The terror and scares in this film were more than enough to cause the MPAA to give the film an R rating as it was intense enough to warrant as much.

3. The Warren’s also investigated the Amytiville case.

The Amityville case has long been a very contested murder case that was supposedly caused when Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot six members of his family in cold blood.

2. The director’s puppy started acting funny one night when he was working on the script.

The dog would apparently stare at something he could not see and would shift its gaze to track something moving across the room.

1.  The real Bathsheba Sherman died of natural causes. 

She was exonerated, cleared of all charges, and passed away in 1885. She is buried in Rhode Island.

The idea of this movie is something that is very creepy and altogether scary if you take it word for word and accept that everything is based on truth. Some facts were of course spun about to make the film more attractive, but some that weren’t are enough to unnerve just about anyone.

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