10 Things You Didn’t Know about “The Accountant”

The Accountant is a rather wild tale of a man that, due to his autism and less than ideal upbringing, became not only a brilliant forensic accountant but also a hitman that’s among the best in the business thanks to the teachings of his father. When he’s hired for a job that goes sideways in a hurry however he finds out that it was something other than what he believed it to be and has to change up his whole plan. The idea of an accountant being skilled with numbers and skilled enough with his hands to kill is kind of creepy in a way, but it’s also a fun action ride.

Unfortunately it didn’t seem to do too well according to popular opinion.

10. Anna Kendrick went over the script with her mom, who is an actual accountant.

Her mom helped her to understand the math and the various processes that went into her work so that she could better understand how it would translate into her role.

9. Ben Affleck has been barred from many casinos due to card counting with is legal but something that casinos don’t allow.

Some might think this is cheating but in truth card counting is a very legal thing. The reason that casinos don’t allow this is that it causes them to lose money, and that’s just not good for business.

8. The martial art on display is a version of Pencak Silat.

It’s a very brutal and no-nonsense style of fighting that is used in films like The Raid and several others. It’s not as flashy but it gets the job done and has grown in popularity.

7. The idea was originally for Mel Gibson to star in the film.

There’s no real explanation for why this didn’t come to fruition but it stands to reason that even with Gibson the film might not have been well-received.

6. The film uses a location that was the former headquarters of a Gambino crime boss.

The Ravenight social club was at one point the headquarters for notorious crime boss John Gotti.

5. Affleck’s character is shown to have Asperger Syndrome.

This is a very high-functioning type of autism that allows the individual to look and sound as though they are able to interact with everyone else in what is considered a normal manner. But it is still a form of autism.

4. Wolff uses the Solomon Grundy poem to calm himself down.

Solomon Grundy of course is a villain from Batman, who was played by Affleck most recently.

3. The way Christian was raised kind of mirrors Batman.

His father taught him and his brother to be tough and relentless, whereas Batman didn’t have a father to teach him this but still managed to become just as tough and undeterred in his manner as Christian.

2. This is the second movie by the director to feature brothers engaging in physical combat.

The first by this director was Warrior starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton as brothers who enter the UFC.

1. The number three is very prominent in this film. 

It is considered to be a very important number in the film and in real life as some people think it is the number that carries the greatest importance in the world.

It’s true that you don’t always think of autism when you think of an assassin.

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