10 Reasons to Check out Amazon Prime’s “Good Omens”

10 Reasons to Check out Amazon Prime’s “Good Omens”

10 Reasons to Check out Amazon Prime’s “Good Omens”

If you’re a fan of stories that have an extra dimension to them, so to speak, then you might very well be interested in a new mini-series that’s coming, call Good Omens. Thanks to both Amazon and BBC, this is a long awaited project that is finally coming to fruition. By all accounts, it looks like the finished project will indeed be something that is very much worth watching. If you want reasons why you should tune in, consider these 10 reasons listed below.

1. It’s based on a popular publication that’s almost 30 years old

That’s right, it’s actually based on the popular novel of the same title that is now 29 years old. Many people that read this material so long ago have been waiting and hoping that it would eventually be adapted into something for viewing at some point in time, only to end up being disappointed when nothing happened. Now, all those hopes are finally happening and the project is in the works.

2. It has a great cast

This project features an ensemble cast that is quite large, not to mention extremely talented. Among the cast members is Jon Hamm, somebody that is in high demand and is capable of playing virtually any role handed to him. You’ll have a hard time picking a favorite but if you’re looking for a group of people that can act and make you believe that you’re right there in the fight with them, you don’t need to look any further.

3. The very basis for the plot is interesting enough to make you tune in by itself

Even if you’re somewhat jaded toward watching television, the plot here is enough to make virtually anyone want to tune in. Imagine what it would be like to have the battle for good and evil suddenly have to work together in order to prevent Armageddon. It’s definitely a different plot twist than what most people are expecting and it’s worth seeing.

4. It’s something that gives you food for thought

Imagine what it would be like if Good and Evil really did have to come together. Typically, these two sides are like oil and water so it makes you think a little bit when you start watching something that’s based entirely on the need for them to work together. if you’re a thinker and you like to analyze things, this is enough to keep you busy for quite some time.

5. The project has actually been in the works for years

For decades, there have been rumors about movies and television shows based on this novel. Unfortunately, nothing ever came out of any of those rumors. Finally, it’s more than a rumor and it’s actually happening. People that have been getting excited only to be disappointed for years finally have something to hold onto. Naturally, this has already generated a great deal of interest in the project.

6. You might say it fills a niche

There really isn’t anything like this on television right now, nor has there ever been in the past. It’s rare when Hollywood actually comes up with something that’s completely different and when it does happen, it should be enjoyed.

7. There are plenty of plot twists

If you’re one of those types of people that likes plot twists, you’ll have plenty of them to keep you busy here. It wouldn’t be fair to reveal any specifics because it would take all the fun out of it, so you should just know that you won’t be disappointed.

8. It’s great for people that aren’t really interested in the stuff that’s normally on television

These days, plenty of people have decided to practically give up watching television all together. That is, except for the rare occasion when something that’s actually worth watching comes on. This is definitely one of those times so even if you’ve all but shunned TV, you might want to reserve some time to watch this one.

9. It’s perfect for anyone that doesn’t have a lot of time to invest in watching TV

It’s actually the perfect binge-watching project. It’s not a movie and it’s not a series, but a miniseries. It’s done in only six parts so you can watch the entire thing in a weekend if that’s the only time you have to reserve for watching TV. It makes it a lot easier to get everything in all at once and you don’t have to worry about reserving time to watch it week after week after week.

10. It’s capable of getting you totally sucked into the story

If you want something that allows you to become totally absorbed in the story where you forget everything that’s going on around you, here it is. If you can’t get into this story, you’re probably going to have a hard time getting into just about anything.

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