British Reality Show Eden Leaves 23 Contestants in a Remote Island Despite the Show Being Cancelled

British Reality Show Eden Leaves 23 Contestants in a Remote Island Despite the Show Being Cancelled

This is far and away one of the most messed up stories you’re going to read today.  It’s not quite as crazy as the Russian Hunger Games show, but it’s pretty darned close.   There’s a British reality show by the name of Eden that many of us have never heard of, and now never will.  It was Survivor type of show where contestants are left in a very remote spot in Scotland to fend for themselves.  Their task is to try and start this weird society, hence the title Eden.

The contestants on the show try to complete a task with zero outside assistance or contact with the outside world for one year.   But here’s the kicker.  There were 23 contestants that started.  13 quit and 10 finished the show, only there was one small problem.  By the time the 10 surviving contestants came back, the show had already been cancelled for 7 months.   The Press Journal reported:

Intended as a combination of reality TV and sociology experiment, the participants were challenged to create a new model of society. But just as in the Biblical Eden, temptation proved too strong on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula. With the group torn apart by sexual jealousy, hunger and feuds, more than half the cast quit. Struggling to live off the land, they resorted to smuggling in junk food and booze. Local resident Maria Macpherson said yesterday: “The last 10 have left. In the end the show was a joke. Some of the participants were even seen in the dentist at Fort William needing treatment after eating chicken feed grit. “It has not done this area any favurs — it has just not lived up to expectations.”

Only 4 episodes of the show ever aired.  Here’s some footage for you.

So yeah, these people essentially lost a year of their lives for no reason whatsoever.

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