The Biggest Plot Twists on “Black Ink Crew” Season 6

The Biggest Plot Twists on “Black Ink Crew” Season 6

The Biggest Plot Twists on “Black Ink Crew” Season 6

There are a lot of television shows that are currently airing about tattoo shops, and Black Ink Crew is one of the most successful ones. In fact, it’s currently in its sixth season, totaling approximately 22 episodes. One thing is certain, these people never seem to be at a loss for drama. There is drama in their personal lives and there’s more than enough drama to go around in the shop. Obviously, a lot of people feel like the entire show is scripted and that just might be the case. It’s sort of hard to believe that people could have this much drama going on in their lives, but maybe they just attract it like a magnet. Whether or not that’s the case, below are five of the biggest plot twists that have happened in season 6 of Black Ink Crew. The first thing you’ll see is the name of the episode and if you choose, you can even follow the link and watch a clip for yourself.

1. Ceaser A.D. (After Dutchess)

In this episode, Ceaser isn’t nearly as interested in running his business as he is in chasing virtually every woman he runs across. This causes a problem for him and everyone else in the shop. In the meantime, Donna gets a phone call that she considers threatening, essentially taking her mind off of business. In the midst of it all, nobody is capable of getting along. In what should be a party to commemorate a happy occasion for the business, all anybody can do is fight.

2. This Makes My Boricua Come Out, Mami

Most of this episode deals with Teddy’s brother, who is facing the possibility of going to prison for the rest of his life. Of course, it wouldn’t be an episode of Black Ink Crew if there wasn’t something going on in the background. In this case, Melody is worried because she receives a notification from the Internal Revenue Service and before it’s all over, everybody decides to participate in a fist fight right there in the shop.

3. A Thief Among Us

Somebody has stolen a lot of money from the shop, $10,000 to be exact. Members of the Black Ink Crew have to figure out who did it and why in an attempt to get the money back.

4. Help Me Howard

Kevin has something on his mind and he needs to talk to his dad about it. You see, Kevin is ready to come out as gay but his father is a self-proclaimed homophobic. Despite that fact, Kevin makes the decision to talk to his father. You know this takes guts, because he’s putting his entire relationship with his dad on the line by having this conversation in the first place. However, Kevin can no longer stand to go on living a lie, especially not when it comes to his dad. Therefore, he makes the decision to tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

5. Ceaser for Mayor

This episode deals with people in the neighborhood that want the Atlanta shop closed down for good. They’re tired of the fighting and everything else that goes with this particular establishment, and they want it gone. As if that isn’t troubling enough for all the people that work there, Bae’s mom is getting death threats and they’re coming from none other than her own father.

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