10 Reasons This Hawaii Five-O is Better than the Original

10 Reasons This Hawaii Five-O is Better than the Original


The original TV series Hawaii Five-O was a big hit starring Jack Lord in an unforgettable role. He set the bar high but the new series has its advantages over the original. There are actually quite a few similarities but just as many differences that make it appealing enough to the public to be ranked as a number one top hit. After making comparisons of the original with the new reboot of the series, we’ve found ten ways that the reboot of Hawaii Five O is better than the original.

We respectfully submit them for your consideration:

1. Fond memories

The show draws on a lot of the original materials from the previous version. There are enough elements incorporated to stir fond memories of past episodes. The scenery was great in the scenes made from the 1960s through the 80s, but let’s face it, cinematography has come a long way and with the invention of HD TV and advances in filming techniques, the quality of the images is tenfold better so viewers are able to capture more realistic depictions of the lovely surroundings.

2. Aesthetic beauty

The actors are extremely attractive and the location for filming gives them an extra ambiance of the exotic. Jack Lord was no slouch himself, but there is a notable difference in the beauty of the current cast over some of the other actors. This is not to say that we as viewers are shallow in going for improved aesthetics, but this is one of the ways that the new show is improved over the original.

3. Cast diversity

There is a higher level of diversity in the cast. This is appealing to the changing demographics of people in our country. We are a nation of people from all walks of life and it’s nice to see a healthy representation of each of us in the script. We like to have multicultural casts because it is a more accurate depiction of what we have become in America and it gives us characters that are easy to relate to versus a homogeneous collection.

4. Appeals to men

There is a wider appeal for men. We get to see more scenes that include appealingly fast cars for guys, but they’re not fancy upscale models. They are more what you would see the average guy driving with the exception that they can perform at high levels when they need to. The good guys don’t need to have the best and it brings them to the level of the average viewer in terms of status. This makes people feel good about the characters.

5. Technology

Better technology is used to make the show move faster with greater climactic moments. Instead of simply relying on the plot to carry it forward, the use of iPads, computers and iPhones actually enhances the movement. There is a lot more action involved thanks to these devices that provide for better communication and faster realistic responses in tense situations.

6.  McGarrett is better

McGarrett has greater autonomy and flexibility. The new and improved character does use technology to get a hold of old buddies from his navy seal days to add a little more spice to the episode. This makes him look more awesome than ever. Thanks to the realism that satellite feeds permit, it’s totally believable that he can make contact wth people across the ocean in the Persian Gulf when he needs to.

7.  Real Life

There are more larger people represented in the cast. Being overweight doesn’t mean that you’re not beautiful and a talented actor. The show has incorporated this as a part of its approach to all inclusiveness and diversity. This is what the public wants to see more of. Instead of a cast comprised solely of teeny barbie like swimsuit models, we want to have an accurate representation of real people as they are in real life.

8. Culture

More Hawaiian Culture is shown on the reboot version of Hawaii Five O. Intead of seeing a few Hawaiians represented, we’re getting a look into the culture of the people. We now have episodes with titles that incorporate Hawaiian phrases. We hear more of the Hawaiian language being spoken as well as references to the culture which adds a flair of the exotic and its great! We like it!

9. Danno and McGarrett

Improved contrast and interaction between Danno Williams and McGarrett is highly visible. While McGarrett is somewhat of a brooder, Danno comes through with a little more levity. The contrast works to make the scenes a little more interesting. It’s fun to see the interactions and exchanges between the straight laced and tight faced McGarrett with Danno hell bent on softening him up.

10. Involving current events

The application of the plot to current events is much better. There is an increase in action and adventure associated with deeper plots in the reboot of this popular television series. There are a few reasons for this. The first is that there is more fodder to draw upon than there was in the sixties, seventies and even the eighties. Our technology has advanced and so has our knowledge of terrorist plots and all manners of divisive and war inspiring events that take place on a daily basis. With a greater amount of material to draw upon as inspiration, the writers have a broader scope of topics to draw upon, which improves the overall content of the show dramatically.

Final thoughts

The reboot of Hawaii Five O has been an amazing success that has tastefully and tactfully followed along the lines of the premises of the original series. It has not shown a big departure from the original plots and characters, but rather, has implemented some enhancements along with way. It is still highly recognizable as the old Hawaii Five O in many respects and it generates fond memories for those who were loyal fans of the original version.

The characters are the same with similar attributes and characteristics, yet embellished to suit modern times and the preferences of a new and younger viewing audience. It has become a more inclusive version of an old favorite that a larger audience can readily relate to. We think it pays a great tribute to the original with an updated sense of style and class for the modern viewers.

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