10 Reasons We Don’t Want a Will and Grace Reboot

10 Reasons We Don’t Want a Will and Grace Reboot


When it debuted in 1998, “Will & Grace” was a breakout comedy that let people know that homosexuals were a very big part of society and were no longer going to hide away in the corner or the closet simply because of who they were and what they practiced. The show brought to light many different aspects of homosexuality that viewers may or may not have known, and brought up a slew of other interesting topics throughout its run that were considered to be controversial as well as borderline inappropriate for audiences of the time. However, for all the outrage this show might have sparked in its time, it did enjoy a rather healthy run of eight seasons. Here are ten reasons why a reboot of “Will & Grace” should not be considered.

10. Debbie Reynolds just recently passed away.

The famous actress and mother to Carrie Fisher just recently passed away, and while she was not a core member of the cast, she is easily important enough that she cannot simply be replaced. Tragically, Reynolds passed away just a short time after her daughter. The two actresses were icons in their own time and will be greatly missed, but the real important of her role in “Will & Grace” is that Reynolds played Grace’s mother, a character that cannot just be replaced at the drop of a hat. The mere screen presence of the woman cannot be duplicated so easily, and as such the show could not easily explain this loss without creating a wrinkle in its newest inception.

9. There is a significant gap between the time when the show ended and the current era.

Many fans would likely cite that this wouldn’t matter and could be explained easily by the passage of time and the maturity of the characters. Unfortunately this would be a large undeveloped span of time during which the colorful and lively characters would undoubtedly go through a number of transitions that could not be adequately explained. Much like “Fuller House” this reboot would be given little substance and leave the viewer guessing throughout each episode just what happened to this character or that innocuous character during this prolonged period of time. There would simply be too many questions to answer and not enough context to make it work.

8. The show was not cancelled.

Many shows that might want to go through the process of a reboot are those that were either cancelled due to lack of interest or some other reason that was left unexplained. “Will & Grace” was not cut short, and in fact was allowed to play out to its end with the right amount of character development that left each one of the cast satisfied and content that their story arcs had been played out in the appropriate manner. A show that has met a satisfying end due to the lack of any further interest or development is one that has had a good run and should be left to sit as it is.

7. It is a different era than when the show ended.

Back in 2006, when the show ended, the rise of the LGBTQ movement was still very much on the rise. While that movement is still strong and is continuing to rally for support, the issue has become less of a hot topic than before as tolerance has instilled a level of disinterest when it comes to television shows. This is not to say that people are not interested in seeing homosexuals represented in mainstream media, but the practice has become far more commonplace and not nearly as edgy as it one was. “Will & Grace” would only suffer from a lack of interest were they to appear on the screen once again, if only because they would be attempting to rehash a story line that has become severely saturated.

6. Character development would be tricky.

Anyone who has ever watched this show knows very well the behavioral patterns of Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen, the core members of the cast. They know that Will is a hard-working neat freak who has control issues, Grace is the messy roommate with relationship issues, Jack is the self-absorbed and self-aggrandizing type that hides massive inferiority issues, and Karen is the alcoholic, pill-popping widowed millionaire that sees life as her own personal playground. There is a lot of room for character development, but not at the expense of the characters that people have already come to know and care about.

5. The settings would need some big changes.

From the original apartment to the typical scenes, such as Grace’s office, that are shown so much throughout the show, the series would need some serious upgrades. While these settings are quite nice and pleasing to the eye, it is safe to assume that the characters would eventually move on and up to better things. A total overhaul however would likely upset a great many fans that might actually want to see a reboot take place, so a balance would have to be struck that might seem more like an unwanted compromise.

4. The stereotypes would need to change.

If you watched the show at all you would know that Jack is the biggest stereotype of all, as his flamboyant and often aggressive personality depicts a very awkward picture of homosexuals that some might find a bit off-putting. While many find Jack an endearing and even favorite character, his attitudes at times often seem a bit over the top.

3. The realism of the show would have to be altered slightly.

In seemingly every episode there were roughly four or five homosexuals to every heterosexual. Now this is easily explained as Will and Jack would likely hang around more homosexuals as a habit if only to feel more comfortable in their own skin, but it is not realism. In reality many people happen to know and associate with a wide variety of men and women that are both hetero and homosexual. While it is easier to understand why homosexuals would stick together, as would heterosexuals, the tolerance that exists in this day and age would need to be introduced into the show.

2. The main stars have gone on to take different and even more successful roles.

Each of the main stars have enjoyed a wider variety of success after the show was over, and have been noted in many different productions in which they have found a fan base that appreciates seeing them branching out. Debra Messing and Eric McCormack have both starred in various movies and made guest appearances on several television shows, while Megan Mullaly and Sean Hayes have done the same. Each of the core characters have gone on to greater fame than “Will & Grace” afforded them and would no doubt be difficult to wrangle back into their old roles.

1. It had a good run, so it’s best to leave it be.

Sometimes when a show has reached a satisfying conclusion it’s best to just leave it alone. “Will & Grace” was a very loved show and drew a great many viewers in its time, even if some of them only watched the show because nothing else was on. Rebooting a show such as this would not only run the risk of killing its legacy, which is exceedingly positive as of now, but could potentially ruin the careers of those involved if it didn’t provide the same feel that viewers came to enjoy the first time around.


Some television shows need to be left alone once they are shut down and concluded. The story might never end, but the production reels need to be silenced at time and left that way so that new material and opportunities can be realized. “Will & Grace” stands at this time as one of the cutting edge shows of its time, and should be allowed to remain that way. A reboot is just another chance to kill a classic.

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