The 10 Most Quotable 90s Comedy Movies


You know you’ve been to a good movie when you and your buddies can’t stop quoting it for at least a week afterwards. But you know you’ve been to a classic when you’re still quoting it years later. Whether it’s an action movie, drama, or comedy, when you incorporate some of the script into your daily life, you know that they’ve had a profound impact on you.

I don’t know about you guys but these 10 comedies from the 90’s still stick with me today. It’s in no particular order but it’s a good list if I do say so myself.

Tommy Boy

There are just so many lines to take from this movie. One I used just yesterday was “Speaking of no one’s looking…”

My Favorite lines: “You know where the weight room is?” “Got That?” “It has to be your bull.”

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

“Allllllrighty then.” The movie that put Jim Carrey on the map (at least the road to stardom map). I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Ace Ventura well over 100 times and it doesn’t get less funny every time I see it.

My Favorite lines: “Holy Sh*tballs,” “Why, so you can beat him? Fatty?” “They’re little footballs.”


I’ve written about Swingers before and the line “Money” is so amazingly memorable. It’s used constantly.

My Favorite lines: “Is he brown? Mikey, is he clean? I wanna see him!” “Where do all the high school girls hang out around here?” “I’m the a**hole? I’m the a**hole in the place?”

Billy Madison

They just don’t make movies like Billy Madison anymore do they? Nope. Not even close. Sandler at his best.

My Favorite Lines: “Want me to take my shirt off for you?” “If peeing in your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis.”

Happy Gilmore

Another Sandler classic that I couldn’t stop quoting after it was done.

My Favorite lines: “Maybe I’ll get some clay by the bay, I just may!”Just give it a little tap tap tappy tap taparoo.” “You no want breakfast?”

American Pie

Yes, this was made in the 90’s and just made the cutoff – 1999. I think I may have laughed harder seeing this movie for the first time than almost any other movie I’ve ever seen.

This movie made the word “MILF” mainstream and that is enough in and of itself.

My Favorite Lines: Anything Stiffler says.

Dumb and Dumber

This was probably the second hardest I’ve ever laughed in the theaters after seeing a movie. To this day, nearly every time I eat a burger with my buddies I will say “How’s your burger…..why don’t you eat up and we’ll tell ya.”

My Other Favorites: “That John Denver was full of &^&%” “Big Gulps huh? Well, see ya later!” “Samsonite. We were way off.”

Wayne’s World

You just can’t deny how awesome a movie Wayne’s World was. Plus it resurrected Rob Lowe’s career so that was great.

My Favorite Lines: “Hi, I’m in Delaware.” “Come in, our landing gear is down.” “I like to play.” “Camera one, camera two.” “Excuse me, I’d like to get by now.”

Austin Powers

Another Mike Meyers classic. Can someone tell me what the hell happened to this guy? What a classic this movie was.

My Favorite Lines: “Hello Vicker.”

The Big Lebowski

The Dude. This may far and away be the biggest stoner classic and best movie of Jeff Bridges’ career.

My Favorite Lines:

“Dude, you’re being very undude.” “Vee cut off your Johnson.”

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Image

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