10 of the Most Memorable Final Fights in Superhero Movies

In almost every superhero movie there’s at least one memorable fight that takes place in which the hero gets one up on the villain, or the villain proves how utterly ruthless they are by taking the hero to the limit and beyond. But the final fights in a lot of superhero movies are where the hero proves that they’re either smarter, tougher, or more willing and capable of going the distance than the villain realized. In some cases, this is when the hero might actually break their own code and decide to finally end the villain in a way that will ensure that they won’t be coming back for another round. But in some cases, it’s simply the final fight between hero and villain that offers up what fans have been waiting for since the final clash in a movie is meant to solve more than a few things and make the entire thing make sense.

Here are some of the best final fights in superhero movies.

10. Deadpool

Ajax is definitely a different type of villain since he doesn’t care that what he does is evil, he enjoys it. Plus, those twin axes are absolutely brutal. Try to twirl one long-handled ax around and you’ll see just how easy it isn’t to fight with one of these things. But the strength, stamina, and speed that this character has are more than enough to keep up with Deadpool, who gets the worst of this exchange. It doesn’t even matter that Wade ends up putting a bullet in Ajax’s head at the end of the fight, the villain ended up taking the merc with a mouth to a limit that he might not have fully expected.

9. Man of Steel

Superman has taken a lot of flack in the DC universe for the destruction that he and Zod caused during their battle, and while some people feel that it’s necessary to take heroes to task for the damage they create, others would beg to differ. But what happened to Metropolis in this movie is hard to ignore. Plus, their initial battle nearly decimated a town, so it’s tough to say anything in defense of Superman, who knew what he could do and didn’t even try to take things elsewhere when he had the upper hand.

8. The Incredible Hulk

Seeing someone manhandling Hulk isn’t a common sight since he’s one of the biggest and strongest earthbound individuals in the Marvel universe. But the Abomination has always been a little bit stronger than Hulk and has retained his intelligence as well. The fact is that Hulk is a rampaging beast fueled by anger, but this didn’t stop him from learning how to deal with the threat that Emil Blonsky posed.

7. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2

The fight between father and son kind of makes this a great battle, but it gets better since one quickly realizes that Starlord has the ability to fight a celestial and actually do a bit of damage while he’s at it. Ego is definitely too strong to be beaten by any conventional means, but a bomb laid in the hub of his being is more than enough to cause him to crumble. This was great on a lot of levels since while it was dependent on Ego’s brain being destroyed, keeping him occupied was also necessary.

6. V for Vendetta

The speed with which the soldiers in this clip were loading their weapons was likely far more impressive than one might be led to believe, but V’s speed was even greater since despite being in pain and near death, he dispatched each one of his opponents before reaching the last one. Also, he kept true to his word to be fair, since he did end up wrapping his hands around the neck of the last man standing.

5. Logan

This fight felt pretty one-sided on a lot of levels since X-24 was younger, fresher, and hadn’t undergone the ravages of age and adamantium poisoning that Logan did. But it’s easy to give props to Logan since he put up a good fight and managed to keep the clone busy until Laura could finish him off. There are simply no substitutes for Wolverine, but Laura is a good attempt at creating another character that can take his place.

4. The Matrix

After all the self-doubt and all the wondering what his life was going to be like, it took human contact, the power of love, the belief, whatever one wants to call it, to bring Neo to his senses in order to realize what he could do. When he did unleash just a fraction of the power he had, well, the results kind of speaking for themselves. The idea of being inside a system that you can control in every way is enough to make one think that the machines shouldn’t have stood a chance at that point.

3. Captain America: Civil War

One might think that Iron Man would have a lot of advantages over Captain America since not only is he encased in armor from head to toe, but he has several more gadgets that can mess Cap up if Tony had the mind to do so. But it came down to analyzing his fight patterns that did it. Toe to toe, Cap would annihilate Iron Man, who’s just a really smart individual in a suit. But when Tony’s given the ability to fight and anticipate Cap then the playing field is a little more even.

2. Superman II

This was a pretty clever trick on Superman’s part when he made it appear as though he would be stripped of his powers but ended up stripping Zod and his followers of their powers instead. It was kind of satisfying to see the look on Zod’s face when he realized what was happening.

1. Avengers: Endgame

The reaction in the theaters to this battle was easy to anticipate since people went nuts when they saw T’Challa, Okoye, and Shuri appear, followed closely by the Falcon. When the other portals started to open up everyone knew it was go-time, and that the battle to come was going to be amazing.

Sometimes the final fights are definitely the best ones.

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