10 Horror Movie Villains with the Highest Body Count

Halloween is quickly approaching so we’re trying to get in as many Halloween themed articles as possible.  As much as we love our costumes, haunted houses, and candy, Halloween is also a time to watch scary movies.  It’s not only tradition but also a rite of passage for many people.

In the spirit of horror movies we wanted to share something that was sent to us recently.  Some of our friends who own a costume site decided to spend their free time figuring out the body counts of some of horror movies greatest villains.

All of the big names are in there but you might be surprised at the actual numbers.   What’s nice about the data is that it’s easy to read and has the following information.  You’ll get to understand why we fear the villain, what their signature look is, and what their misfortune was hence why they became a villain in the first place.  The data and information in the photos below was compiled by the team at Buy Costumes.


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