Zak Bagans Documentary Shows that Demon House is Still Haunted

It’s confusing in a way to think that Zak Bagans, a supposed leading researcher on demonology, would go into a place labeled ‘Demon House’ without any kind of protection and hope to live on the wild side. This documentary was conducted to show how the house is in fact haunted and does contain the kind of energies that have made people go absolutely crazy and seem possessed.  In this era a lot of people believe in the possibility of demons on earth while a lot of people would call it a bunch of hooey. One thing is certain throughout all the opinions and proclamations though, there are things in this world that you just don’t mess with, and this seems like it should be one of them. But then again where would our race be if we didn’t forge ahead recklessly at times?

Being aware of a different plane of existence and daring it to come forth is something that you might think is a tad foolish since we know little if anything about that different world that is in some way a part of ours. Some people would claim that there are no such things as ghosts, that what is felt and at times seen by those that believe are demonic creatures that are inherently dangerous and have no love for humanity. It would seem strange then that there would be no benign spirits that might be about now and again so as to balance these things out. But that seems to be the trick, humanity has to deal with them on their own through our various actions and decisions to engage them. Bagans’ attempt to record and document what went on in Demon House is something that seems to beg for something, anything that might happen since it’s a blatant attempt to record something that is at most times best left alone.

Whether a person believes in the paranormal or not doesn’t seem to matter since the real feeling of dread that comes over people from time to time when they enter a place is something that just cannot be explained. If the person is forewarned about the place from the start there might be a reason why they feel such a way. But if you walk into a space and suddenly feel that you’re being observed, that something, or someone, is watching you, then chances are you’ve encountered a spirit that doesn’t want you around. Whether it’s a demon, a ghost, or a spirit of some type that just doesn’t want to be identified or bothered is still irrelevant since it’s beyond the human scope and should probably be left alone. If your understanding of this type of thing is not great enough to truly deal with it then it might be best to step away and count yourself lucky that you didn’t fall in headfirst.

The fact that Bagans first made a movie out of this and then tore the house down kind of shows that he’s not really the expert he says he is, but kind of a bumbler that likes to live on the wild side.

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