Z Nation Season 4 Premiere Recap and Review

Z Nation Season 4 Premiere Recap and Review

Z Nation Season 4 Premiere Recap and Review

Z Nation, the madcap Zombie Apocalypse drama returned for a fourth Season on 29th September on Syfy. The show began its life as a full on parody of the zombie genre with some hilarious zombies and zombie moments. Like many TV shows after a few seasons, Z Nation was due an injection of creativity and a shift in the narrative. The wacky Science Fiction TV did just that. The show opened with an attention grappling first episode which bodes well for the season ahead. The title card opened with some exposition of a time jump assuring viewers that things have only become progressively worse in the intervening period. Here’s our full recap and review of Z Nation Season 4 premier.

The episode “Warren’s Dreams” opens with Lieutenant Roberta Warren (Kellita Smith), the leader of the tattered group of Earth’s remaining survivors, waking after a two year long coma. The world we are assured in the title card has deteriorated. Warren wakes in the lab to be greeted by an astonished Murphy (Keith Allan) the only human to have survived a zombie bite.

Murphy remarks “look who’s back in town” and “Holy zompocalypse, I can’t believe it. I never thought you’d wake up”. Warren is rocking a shocking head of blond locks. We know that the bullet that hit her in Season Three went through Murphy. This may have caused the mingling of her blood with his leading to speculation that she may have experienced the same cocooning that Murphy went through. The primary thrust of the episode involves Warren’s disturbing visions and dreams which portray bleak apocalyptic landscape with the shy ablaze. Warren is struggling with the possibility that Zona is all that remains of the world. We are as yet unsure whether the time in Zona is real or whether it is also part of Warren’s dream of the episode title.

Plainly all is not what it seems in Zona and while The Founder, played by Michael Berryman is no Negan from the Walking Dead but he manages to exude an ominous air. Zona is highly regulated and it doesn’t take Warren long to see that something is amiss. We bristled when The Founder remarked to Warren “we’ll need you for the gene pool” and mentioned the “reset”. Murphy was never a trustworthy team player but he nonetheless always carried a torch of love and respect for Warren. We can be pretty sure that he knows a lot more than he’s currently letting on. Warren must figure out how to escape from Zona and reunite with the team. We can rely on Murphy despite the fact that he enjoys the life of a celebrity in Zona and his protestations that he “loves this place” to join her.

Despite what Murphy has said, Lucy and Addy are alive and have been captured. The rest of the gang, 10k and Doc are also alive and are gathered at a Marine outpost while trying to get to “Newmerica” a place where zombies cannot survive because of the cold. Those familiar with the genre can be quietly confident that “Newmerica” or any other utopia for that matter either doesn’t exist at all or is not what it is cracked up to be. The time jump was really effective in resetting the narrative and opening many unanswered questions. We can’t wait for all to be revealed in the coming season.

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