10 Things You Didn’t Know about Yvonne Mai

At the moment, Netflix is back to taking center stage. The new show, “Vikings: Valhalla,” is all that anyone is talking about at the moment, and there are plenty of faces on this show that you might recognize. There are also many that you might not. The moral of the story, however, is that all of the cast will eventually become a household name if this show picks up like Netflix and the press feel it will pick up, and that means many will want to learn as much about stars like Yvonne Mai as possible. She’s a talented actress, and here’s what you need to know.

1. She is German

She is from Germany. She is actually an American-German actress, and she was born in Hamburg. We have no idea how long she lived there growing. We do know that she is also a woman who has both French and Danish heritage to speak of.

2. She Was Discovered

Anyone who wants to know how she got into this line of work might want to know that she was found. She was ‘scouted,’ per her Wikipedia page, to play the role of the lead character on a television show that was airing in Germany at the time.

3. She Works with Major Brands

Something she’s proud of is the fact that she has partnered with many different companies. She is a commercial star for these companies, and you’ve likely seen her work for companies such as Neutrogena and Ikea. She also works with hair care company John Frieda and she works with companies such as Peloton.

4. The Story of How She Was Scouted

We did mention earlier that she was discovered, but she made that happen for herself. She was aware of a project that she was very interested in, and she began following the man behind it on Instagram. While putting herself out there, she made it clear that she was right for the role he was casting, and that’s where he found her. Her own scouting was thanks to her own work.

5. She’s Living in London

At the moment, she is a London-based actress, though she did live in New York for some time. Right now, though, she is doing huge things with her career, and living in London is where she finds that she is the happiest. Is this her forever home? Who knows?

6. She’s Ambitious

One thing that she is in life is ambitious. She is not sitting back and waiting for life to happen to her. She is making life happen around her, and she is doing what she can to focus on that. She has done some things in her life that are big, and she has done a lot in her life that is important to her. The point here, however, is that each of these things is something she did on her own. She made it happen.

7. She Has Always Loved Acting

Acting is something this young actress has been passionate about since she was a child. She’s always felt a connection to the art, and she knew she would find a way to make it her life. She puts everything into each character, and she knows that her ability to bring her characters to life is what allows her to continue booking roles.

8. She Wasn’t Great with English

One thing she realized quickly when she decided to pursue a career in acting is that her English was not good enough. She knew she had to improve, so she did. She did anything and everything it took for her to become a better English speaker, and she made it happen. We told you she’s ambitious.

9. She Grew up Humble

Perhaps the biggest struggle she’s faced in her career up to this point is just being able to make acting a priority. She did not come from a family with much money, so going to school and learning was not always the easiest thing for her. She had to find a way to pay for things, to make it happen, and to give herself a chance to even try to become an actress.

10. She Did Everything to get a Leg Up

Because her family was not wealthy, she had to find a way to become an actress that would allow her to afford to do this. She tried waitressing, she tried to obtain some scholarships that never materialized, and she put herself out there in a big way to make big things happen.

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