Young and the Restless: Victor Hires Ashley

Young and the Restless fans aren’t sure there is much they can do about what Victor does regularly to his children. The fact is that he hired someone to come into the game and play an important role with the family, and it’s going to make Vickie more upset than she’s ever been. Of all the people her father could hire to come in and take over for their company, it’s her sister’s mother; Ashley. She’s not happy about it, and she’s not thrilled that she will be around all the time.

There is not much in the way of good feelings between these two, but there is a lot going on we can’t even explain. There’s too much animosity. Too much anger, and there is too much hatred, but can they ever get over that? We aren’t entirely sure they can ever get over that, and there is nothing they can do to make that end.

These are two women who will probably never feel anything but badly about one another. They can’t forgive and forget all they’ve done to one another, and it doesn’t matter to them that they have a person in common. Ashley is her sister’s mother, but that doesn’t mean anything to Vickie. She’s not someone who cares about that family dynamic at all, and that’s becoming more and more evident the more time she spends at the family business doing whatever Victor has her doing. She’s not happy, and this won’t end well.

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