Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victoria and Billy Clash Over Reed

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Victoria and Billy Clash Over Reed

The Young and the Restless is bringing the drama. Victoria is so upset that her son doesn’t have the respect for her she thought he did. She’s heartbroken, and she wants to move on from what happened. However, she’s not happy with the fact that Reed and Zoey were being intimate in her home, and she’s overreacting about the fact he didn’t have the respect for his mother not to do that. She’s ignoring the fact that he’s a teenage boy who is going to do things like this in his life, and that he’s never going to have his mother on his mind when he’s doing them.

Billy thinks it’s all find and well, but she’s not happy. He points out that the boy is a teenager and will do whatever he feels the need to do in the moment, and that young boys his age aren’t great at making wonderful decisions in the heat of the moment. Billy thinks Victoria should apologize, especially since she embarrassed him. She doesn’t believe she needs to, and it’s going to be an ugly situation.

Lily is going to make some major changes in her life in the near future, and she’s going to find out soon that Devon is aware. When he finds out she wants to quit her job and become a model, what will he say? He’s certainly not going to be very happy she’s already made the move to sign a modeling contract, and she won’t be around to help anymore. Will he be upset that his favorite employee is now leaving for a career change, or will he be happy for her to make a move like this and potentially change her own life for the better?

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