Young and the Restless Spoilers: Lily Made the Best Move

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Lily Made the Best Move

Young and the Restless fans just weren’t surprised to see Lily kick Cane out of the house. After all, he did take $25,000 out of their bank account — money that was meant for their twins’ educations — and he paid a blackmailer with it. He tells her — after her friends Victoria and Billy show up to tell her what happened — about how he did what he did because he was afraid he would lose her if he didn’t, and she loses her mind.

He’s said that about everything he’s done this year. He’s done it all to protect her, to save her, to keep her. But all he’s done is lie to her, make her miserable, and make their entire family unhappy and scared. And now he’s trying to say he stole from her and their kids so that he could keep her? She couldn’t handle him another moment, and she kicked him out of the home they share with their kids. She is done. We saw this coming.

What will Cane do next? He wants to keep his family and his wife in his life, but he’s made too many mistakes in the past few weeks. Can we just point out that we said this would happen? We predicted that he would eventually turn around and make a bigger mess of things by lying rather than just admitting the truth upfront? We said this would happen, and it turns out we were so right about that when we saw it coming months ago.

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