Young and the Restless Spoilers: Dina’s Final Christmas?

Young and the Restless fans are looking forward to the holiday season around here, but we have to deal with the fact that this is Dina’s last. No one expected to see her come back this year, and everyone is going to be very sad to see her go. She was a fixture for so many years in the past, and seeing her come back to town has been very exciting for so many. Her family has begun to grow closer to her, she’s made amends with them, and things were looking up.

There’s been a lot of drama, a lot of bad stuff, and a lot of heartache, but they just want to spend this holiday together as a family. They have a lot of love for one another even if they all show it in a strange and very awkward manner. They do have something to show for one another in the meantime, and it’s all that they can do to keep it together.

There are so many things they all want to do and say around here, and they have to think about how they want to make their last days with Dina count. Can they? How much time does she have left to live with them before she dies or before her memory takes her away from her family completely? We aren’t sure which way it will go, but we know it will be one or the other — and both are very final.

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