Young and the Restless Spoilers: When is Adam Newman Coming Back?

Young and the Restless Spoilers: When is Adam Newman Coming Back?

Young and the Restless Spoilers: When is Adam Newman Coming Back?

Young and the Restless fans know that they have strong feelings about Adam Newman, but the big, strong rumor going on right now has everything to do with Michael Muhney. We brought you news recently that it’s rumored he’s going to reprise his role as Adam after Justin Hartley’s Adam Newman was allegedly killed last fall in an explosion caused by Chloe and panned by Victor. Now we hear even more news that this is probably very likely. In fact, the rumor is that the current writer’s strike has it happening. If there is not a settlement reached by the beginning of May, it appears there will be good reason for everyone involved in this storyline to get back on track, and the strike could happen. If it does, we hear Muhney is definitely coming back.

But wait — there is a twist. If the writers guild can’t reach a settlement and negotiate what they want successfully, it won’t be Muhney rehired to play Adam. It’ll be old episodes played on repeat. You see, the show is only taped about six weeks in advance. This means that there are that many episodes to play, and that when they’re done and now new shows are recorded following the May 2 deadline, old episodes will come on. This is how he will make his return, and it’s just another twist in the storyline for this particular character. Why go so far back in the episode guide?

We hear it’s because there is still a great chance to have him reprise his role as Newman. We hear the rumors are running rampant that he will return, and people are so excited he might be back. With Adam’s storyline so prominent right now, it’s all that anyone can talk about. We know Hartley is very unlikely to return to the show, but Muhney is open to it. Can we confirm? No, but we can certainly speculate and look for any potential reason this could happen. As for now, we know he might be back one way or the other if things don’t go well with the writers by May 2.

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