Young and the Restless: Nick is On A Mission

Young and the Restless: Nick is On A Mission

Young and the Restless fans will see Nick continue to pursue the missing JT this week while Sharon works with Vickie to take the man down for good, and we have a prediction. We think this might cause a great divide between these two. They are working on a new relationship situation, but it seems to us that they might have more to work on than we imagined. They aren’t in a perfect place taking things slow right now, and we aren’t sure Nick will appreciate what Sharon is up to.

He’s not into the lies and the deception that the women in his life like so much, so he might not find this an attractive situation if he finds out that she’s doing this. He might not appreciate that she is going behind his back to take down the same man he is looking to take down, and that’s not good news.

But we also think that there might be a chance they could work together to get this situation resolved. That might just bring them closer together. And it might be something that they bond over. And we can’t wait to see how it all plays out as this situation becomes worse and JT continues to get away with abuse and attempted murder and all those things that make him the horrible man he is. Could they actually speed up their romance with this going on in their lives? We aren’t entirely certain, but we don’t know.

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