Young and the Restless: Nick Confronts Abby

Young and the Restless fans know that things might not go well for anyone, and this are not looking good for Abby at the moment. We hear that her darling brother, Nick, has found out that she is having an affair with Scott. But the problem is this; he’s been seeing Nick’s ex-wife and baby mama for some time now, and Sharon has gone to him to make sure that he knows what his darling little sister is up to. And Nick is not going to let that go.

He is not happy with Abby and her actions, and we have reason to believe that he is going to confront her and make sure she knows he knows. And he is going to tell her to back off. She loves her brother and the feeling is mutual, but we hear that things might not go well. He will tell her she needs to get her life together and figure out what she wants.

He will also tell her that she has to focus on making things happen in her own life at this point. Will she listen? Or will she find out sooner rather than later about the baby and wonder to whom it belongs? And can she let her respect for her brother hinder the way she feels about Scott or will she keep seeing him and try to make it even more secretive than it was? We don’t know yet, but time will certainly tell for them.

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