Young and the Restless: Are Abby and Scott Really Done?

Young and the Restless fans have serious feelings about Abby and Scott, and no one believes that either of them are really all that sorry for that they did with one another. Oh, we think they are sorry — but we think they are only sorry they got caught in this situation. We have no doubt in our minds that they are not at all sorry that they slept together, and we don’t think this is the end of things even though they’re both making their rounds of apologies.

They’ve got all the excuses, and most of them stem from the fact they formed a bond that they couldn’t ignore when they were kidnapped and thought they might die. But they’re over that now and things can go back to normal, right?

Wrong; we don’t think for a second things will go back to normal or that they will really stop what they are doing. They might give it up for a moment, but they will be right back to doing things this way in a moment, and they will certainly have no problem letting this happen again if they have a chance and don’t think they’ll end up caught. And we don’t for one second believe Scott really wants to be with Sharon. She’s nothing in his mind compared to what he feels for Abby. But we don’t know how it will all go down or what’s more important to them than Victor’s take on all of it.

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