Young and the Restless: Abby Bonds With Her Grandmother

Young and the Restless fans are pleased to see Abby enjoying her life, but everyone wonders how much longer that will last. She’s not entirely up to any good at most points in her own life, but she is having a nice time visiting with her grandmother when she has a chance. She’s going to take it upon herself to ask why Victor would ask her to move into his house and spend more time there when he’s always been more favorable to her siblings. Her grandmother will tell her that Victor just doesn’t like being alone, and Abby is the only child he has right now who is happy to spend time with him.

Dina explains to her granddaughter that her father is a very lonely man with a very lonely heart, and he really does want people around him all the time. He will never admit that, and he will never admit that what is going on with his family right now is tearing him apart though he will never tell anyone about it. Is this what Abby needs to hear?

What will she do with this information? Is there a chance she might use it to get back to her family roots and get them all back together? We have no idea how she plans on making this all right, but we do plan on making sure we stay up to date on all the breaking news and information surrounding this storyline as it continues to develop.

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