Young and the Restless Spoilers: Chelsea is Hurting Nick

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Chelsea is Hurting Nick

Young and the Restless fans aren’t sure how to go into this week with all that happened last week. For one, we are so confused about what Mariah is up to with Summer. Why is she so worried about how Summer is living her life? It doesn’t really seem to be anything to do with her, to do with her issues, to do with her life. We are mostly confused by it, and that is basically all there is to it. At the moment, we also find that we have nothing else to deal with other than the fact that we don’t know how to deal with Abby. She’s a thief, she’s making amends with Nate, she’s been kissing Chance. What is going on with her? She’s always so desperate for everyone to give her a fair chance, yet here she is making some poor choices that don’t make her seem like a very good person.

Meanwhile, Jack has been working hard to restore things at Jabot to the way he likes to see them run. He’s about done playing games, and he’s not having another moment of that in his life. He’s going to need to deal with things as they come, but that’s about all there is to it. He’s got to get his control, but he also has to worry about Phyllis and what she’s been up to. Her bluff was called, and we know that is bound to do little more than upset her in a manner of speaking that we cannot even handle. She’s not the nicest of persons on a regular basis, and this is not going to end well for her. Meanwhile, we don’t know how to focus on anything other than the mess she’s creating. What of it? We don’t even know.

What’s Happening on Young and the Restless

Yes, but will she mess this up?

What’s Next on Young and the Restless

Chelsea and Nick are trying to make things work, but we know that they will never work. We all knew it the moment she agreed to move in with Adam so that Conner could be with his father and they could help him get through the tough things he’s dealing with that things would never work with her and with Nick. He cannot handle the idea of her living with another man, especially the man he hates the most in the world; his own brother. He does not want this for her or for the boy, and he is trying so hard to make it through this and do it with some grace. For now, though, we don’t know how else to focus on things other than the fact that this is a situation we cannot endure.

Meanwhile, we also know that she’s a mess, and she will do anything for her son, including living with a man who once tempted her more than anyone. She’s going to put her relationship in jeopardy today, and we cannot help but wonder if she will share a moment with Adam that makes this all possible. She’s not someone known for making the best decisions, but she is someone who can do things her own way when she tries. We cannot wait to see this go down, but we hope that it’s not going to hurt Nick too much. He’s been through so much already this year, and we’d hate to see it happen again.

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