Young and the Restless Characters We Hated Before We Loved Them

Young and the Restless fans have a long list of favorites, and we can probably guess who is on your list. There are just people who make us feel good, who make us want to see more, and then there are people we just love to hate. And those people are the kind of people you just don’t know what to do with. You don’t know how to focus on them, how to change them, and how to make them work for you. You don’t know what to do with them or how to make them work for us, but we do know that there are people who will take your time and make it their own. There are always characters how are not going to make you love them, but they may just make you grow on them. And that is what we noticed with these people. We did not like them, and then we did. And now we love them.

Sharon Newman

When she came into the show as the love interest for Nick whom she later married, people did not like her. She was not the kind of woman that people really felt all that good about, and she’s just a little too dramatic for many people. She’s been a bit of a mess from time to time, and that has been something that people have struggled with over the years. But she’s managed to make it her own, and we love her for that. She’s managed to get people to feel that she’s better than she says she is, and we cannot love her more now. She’s not someone we fell overly hard for when she first showed up and married Nick Newman, but she’s grown on us. She’s matured, she’s become a better person, and she’s become a lot softer. Now we like her a lot more than we did in the past, and we cannot handle that in any way.


She’s a hot mess, and we love her. However, we did not always love her. She has not always been the kind of girl we wanted to spend our time with or focus on when she was doing her thing. She was a mess who simply did not do what she was scheduled to do, and we cannot help but wonder if there is much else we can do to help her out. She was always a little bit overly ambitious for us. She went about things the wrong way, and she’s always been a bit manipulative. And that’s been a problem for all of us. But, she’s managed to grow with us over the years, and that’s been something she’s not been able to handle throughout her life. We love her now, and we cannot imagine this show without her. She’s become one of our favorite people to spend time with and to watch, and we love her powerhouse ways right now.

Victor Newman

When he came onto the show for what was only meant to be a very short role of only six months, we all hated him. He was probably the meanest, most manipulative, most unlikable person we’d ever met, and we all just hated him for that. He was not a nice person, and that is just something we could not handle. But that is not something we can really focus on at the moment since it didn’t take long for us to all focus on what we loved about him. He very quickly became someone we loved so much more than we could handle, and now he’s one of the most famous, most awful, most love to hate him kind of men in the entire Genoa City range. He is not going to stop there, either. He’s a man who will make it his mission to change his life in every single way if he can, and that was what made him so likable. Not in a good way, though, but a different way. When the show extended his stay, we all fell on board with it, and then we did. And now it’s been like four million years and he is still here and we love him.

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