10 Things You Didn’t Know about Yalitza Aparicio

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Yalitza Aparicio

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Yalitza Aparicio

Yalitza Aparcio took the world by storm in 2018 when she made her professional acting debut in the film Roma. The movie, and her performance, went on to earn critical acclaim and Yalitza earned an Academy Award nomination for best actress. With the success of the film, many people expected Yalitza to quickly start jumping into other acting opportunities, but surprisingly, she actually decided to take a step back. Now, she is in the process of filming her second movie and fans all over the world are excited to see Yalitza back on the big screen. The film she’s working on, Presencias, has yet to receive a release date. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Yalitza Aparcio.

1. Her Role In Roma Took An Emotional Toll On Her

When actors play intense characters, they often find themselves struggling to disconnect when filming is over. Yalitza got a taste of this while working on Roma. The birthing scene was especially difficult for her. She told Vox, “It really hit me hard, because I was inhabiting my character and I was not expecting that news. My first reaction as myself was to try to distance myself from it and imagine that it was fiction. But at the same time I couldn’t because on the one hand I had met Libo, the woman who Cleo is based on, and I wanted for her not to have gone through this experience.”

2. She’s A Teacher

Prior to making her acting debut in 2018, Yalitza had been workin as a pre-school teacher after earning her degree in early childhood education. It goes without saying that the abrupt transition from being a teacher to being an Academy Award nominee was very interesting.

3. She’s A YouTuber

Despite being away from the film industry for the last couple of years, Yalitza hasn’t abandoned the camera completely. She started a YouTube channel in the summer of 2020 and she’s already gotten 108,000 subscribers. What’s even more amazing is the fact that the channel has more than 4.2 million views.

4. She Doesn’t Consider Herself An Actress

Yalizta’s acting career took off so suddenly that she never really had a chance to adjust to what was going on. Although she has been given this new identity of an actress, she doesn’t necessarily see herself that way. In an interview with The Guardian Yalitza said, “I don’t think I am an actor because I haven’t studied to be an actress, but I don’t know what people would say.”

5. She Loves Empowering Others

Yalitza’s journey into the entertainment industry hasn’t only been about acting. Now that she has the attention of millions of people all over the world, she wants to use her platform to raise awareness to the things that are important to her. She loves getting the chance to empower and inspire others and she also enjoys giving back to the community.

6. Her Family Encouraged Her To Audition For Roma

If most people were to tell their family members that they were considering putting the pause on a full-time job to audition for a movie, they probably wouldn’t get the nicest response. Luckily for Yalitza, her family has supported her every step of the way. Her mother and sister both encouraged her to audition for Roma.

7. She Has A Huge Instagram Following

Even though Yalitza has only been in movie so far, she’s made a huge impact on countless people. This is evident by the fact that she now has over two million followers on Instagram. If she continues to stick around the entertainment industry there’s no doubt that that number will grow.

8. She Doesn’t Speak Much English

Lots of people in the United States sort of have this expectation that everyone speaks English. That certainly isn’t the case, however. In fact, many people will probably be surprised to know that Yalitza doesn’t speak great English. When she does interviews she typically works with a translator.

9. She’s A Brand Ambassador

Having more than two million followers on almost any social media platform can lead to some great business opportunities in real life. Thanks to having a large and engaged following, Yalitza has gotten the chance to partner with brands to help promote their products. She is currently a brand ambassador for Head and Shoulders.

10. She Enjoys Traveling

Yalitza comes from a very small town in Mexico and although she’s always wanted to see the world she never thought it would be a possibility. Now that she is a professional actress, she has gotten lots of chances to visit all sorts of different places and she looks forward to doing more traveling in the future.

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