WWE Legend ‘Hacksaw’ Detains Home Intruder at Gunpoint


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For many new-generation WWE fans, Hacksaw may not be a popular wrestler name. However, back in his heyday, Jim ‘Hacksaw’ Duggan was a legend. In an interview with Wrestling Inc, Hacksaw revealed he had an intruder invade his home while he and his wife, Debra, were home.

According to the WWE legend, the incident occurred on December 8, 2022. When asked about how it all went down, the professional wrestler, albeit now 68 years old, admitted taking down the intruder before getting the gun to hold him at gunpoint.

What’s even more remarkable is that the intruder is in his mid-20s and got subdued and restrained by the 68-year-old retired professional wrestler.

Who is Jim ‘Hacksaw’ Duggan?

credit: @wwehacksawduggan

Unless you’ve been a fan of professional wrestling dating back at least four decades, Hacksaw may be a strange name. Yet, he’s regarded as one of the legends in the game, having been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011. Hacksaw was a popular face when the WWE was still known as the WWF.

For Royal Rumble fans, he’s popularly known for the title of being the first winner of the tournament in 1988. Hacksaw was also a legend in the WCW, where he won both the United States Heavyweight Championship as well as the World Television Championship.

A recognizable trademark of Hacksaw is the 2×4 length of wood he wields as a weapon. To get himself all pumped up for action, Hacksaw is known to shout a battle cry of “Hooo!” or get the crowd on his side with the U-S-A! chant. Hacksaw reigned during the days of Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior.

Details of Hacksaw’s heroic act

In his interview with Wrestling Inc, Hacksaw continued by explaining how it all went down. He and his wife were at home when they started hearing lots of noise from yelling neighbors outside. Not fully aware of what the hullabaloo was about, he decided to switch off the Christmas lights and instructed the intruder to stay calm and quiet.

Hacksaw said the intruder claimed his life was being threatened by people and ran into his house for refuge. Hacksaw wasn’t willing to take any chances, so he called the cops. To keep the intruder at bay, he held the intruder at gunpoint.

When the cops arrived, further information revealed the intruder, in desperate need to run away from other individuals, knocked on several houses in the neighborhood. With no one coming to his rescue, he climbed over Hacksaw’s fence and made his way into the house through an unlocked door. To this effect, Hacksaw chose not to press charges against the intruder.

Several days later, Hacksaw took to his official Instagram page to personally thank the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Department in South Carolina. The post read,

“We would like to thank the Kershaw County Sheriff’s department for their prompt and professional response last week. A man who we had never seen before climbed our fence, ran through our yard to our front door, and was pounding on our glass doors. 

Before we could get to the door, he opened it and fell into our house. I held him at gunpoint while Debra called 911. We are safe with no damage. 

Thanks to everyone for the concern and well wishes!”

Jim ‘Hacksaw’ Duggan is also wrestling with cancer


credit: @wwehacksawduggan

In or out of the wrestling ring, Hacksaw has proven time and time again that he’s always willing to dig it out with anyone or anything that wants to stand in his way. Sometime last year, the WWE legend found out he had prostate cancer. In a video he posted on his Instagram page sometime in May, he told fans he was restarting treatment for prostate cancer.

Part of the statement in the video stated,

“I hope you enjoyed the pictures and videos of our travels, But reality is here, and I’m afraid I have some bad news. It seems like my cancer treatment is not over, even after the removal of my prostate last October.”

However, he updated fans and followers in August that he had completed the treatment. As always, we wish the wrestling legend good health and lengthy days.


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