WWE Memorable Moments in History: Hulk Hogan Wins the Belt from Iron Sheik

I’m not even remotely kidding when I say I got goose bumps watching this video. I’m not sure if that makes me a total loser or just a guy from a generation who realizes how amazing Pro Wrestling was in the 80’s. Granted I was 5-years-old when this happened but I swear to God I can remember it like it was yesterday. Talk about an influential moment in the history of time. Hulkamania shaped wrestling into what it is today: a complete commercial success that totally stinks compared to the days of Piper’s Pit.  But you can’t argue with its popularity.  It’s got more viewers now than every before.

Don’t get me wrong. Wrestling has gone to new levels of entertainment and skill. Anyone who says it’s fake is completely wrong. Sure these guys don’t actually smash chairs over each other, but you can bet the stunts they perform are real and require an insane amount of athletic ability.

I guess my point is this. When you’re a kid, there’s just no way that it gets any better than at that age. If I were an adult in the 80s I’d have said that wrestling was awful then and better in the 70s. As a kid, it just feels so real. Anyway, this moment is as real as it gets in the world of the WWF (yes, WWF back then and WWE now, boo).

Image via WWE

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