Workaholics 4.03 Review: “Snackers”

So although Workaholics has only had two episodes air so far in the season, I felt like the show was off to a good start.  The premiere was funny enough but felt like a bunch of little one liners here or there absent of a funny core plot line.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad episode at all, just not the best.  Last week’s episode was, I thought, very funny in all aspects from the main plot, to Adam’s eventual (and short) side story at the end, and in the writing for both the main and supporting characters.  The episode just had that classic Workaholics feel where I constantly laughing hard.  Last night’s third episode of the season, “Snackers,” definitely felt like the weakest episode thus far, but the good thing about Workaholics is its ability to cover up a flat plot line with hilarious dialogue from all of the characters. While I do think that last night’s episode was rather boring, at least the second half picked up and provided enough laughs to re-interest me entirely.

This week featured the return of Karl, and the driving (side) plot line revolved around the guys wanting to throw him a party to watch the re-airing of his Cheaters episode. Karl is pretty funny when they decide to include him in an episode.  I also like that the show doesn’t try to push Karl on viewers and push him as being a regular character.  However, Adam, Blake, and Ders plan on stealing the party snacks from the Telamericorp break room, which they apparently always do.  Yet, when they arrive one measly Clif Bar is left which leads us to the episode’s main plot line; an election between Jillian and Montez to be the snack shopper with Alice’s Costco card.

Montez, who is on a new diet, pushes to have healthier break room food, leading with, “All hail kale, all hail kale!” I really enjoy how much Montez has been included in this season already; he was a main character in the premiere episode, and has been delivering very funny moments as a side character in episodes like last night’s.  The guys think that they can get Jillian elected and then take advantage of her responsibility to keep the snack room stocked, so they really force her into it and immediately elect themselves to be her election campaign team; Blake is the image consultant, Adam the political adviser and security, while Ders is, of course… the campaign manager. They turn Jillian into a Sarah Palin and she eventually wins, promising, “I’ll shop for you,” and defeating Montez when he breaks down during the debate because he can’t stand eating things like quinoa anymore.

Jillian eventually stocks up the break room but also installs a complicated lock and alarm system, recognizing what the guy’s ulterior motives were.  While they, “should be living that crazy Costco life,” as Blake puts it, Jillian seems to have them all figured out and isn’t going to let them steal any of the food. The guys decide to play Oceans 11 & 13 (definitely no Oceans 12) and devise a plan that will have them stocked up for the party.  Adam starts clogging one of the toilets so they can have Karl come in as the plumber, which allows them to pull the fire alarm and get everyone out of the office building.  Jillian again realizes and confronts them at the scene of the crime, yet, when she checks all of the snacks are there.  She does this hilarious Oceans-esque walk through covering how they must have pulled off the heist.  However, when she believes Karl left with the food disguised in the box for the toilet. She chases him down which unfortunately leaves the snacks all unattended, and it turns out that there was never any master plan, they just got really lucky when Jillian ran out after Karl, and the party is a snack success.

Again, this wasn’t my favorite Workaholics episode ever, but it definitely picked up during the second half of the night and had plenty of one line jokes from everyone.  The show definitely feels like it is back in flow, and overall, I definitely like these first three episodes as a whole.  Hopefully the guys can keep it up and bring an awesome episode to the table next week!

My Moments of the Night:

– Ders wearing the head and full body towels in the beginning of the episode was funny.

– Montez’s skin shines like Paula Abdul.

– “Except we’re not gonna run, we’re gonna sprint, like Usain Boltron!…  I was like Jay-Z. I was like Andre 3000 or something, I was a lyricist.” This was my favorite moment from Adam tonight and this quote still makes me laugh just thinking about it.

– I think everyone needs the wide legs, thick denim, and elastic waist bands of some quality Kirkland Jeans.

What did everyone think of “Snackers” last night? Drop a comment below to let me know why you did or didn’t like it!

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