10 Things You Don’t Know About Jason Williams

10 Things You Don’t Know About Jason Williams
10 Things You Don’t Know About Jason Williams

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HGTV loves to bring the heat with new shows. The network is famous for its home renovations and flipping shows, and the new show Flip to a Million is no slouch. This show is about two couples with $1,000 to flip a million-dollar home. It’s nothing short of a real challenge, but we think they’re up to it. Jason and EJ Williams are one of the two couples. Fans are curious, though. Who is Jason Williams?

1. He is Multi-Faceted

In addition to being a man who flips houses alongside his wife, he’s many other things. Yes, Jason Williams is a real estate investor, but he is also a broker. He’s been in the business for over 15 years, which gives him quite an edge. He worked on this type of thing before it was cool (we’re looking at you, Chip, and Joanna), and he knows more than the average home flipper about how the industry works.

2. He Believes in Rebuilding

One thing that sets Jason Williams apart from everyone else is his goal. Sure, making an excellent living for his family is good for him. However, his goal of taking neglected homes in neglected neighborhoods and making them beautiful sets him apart. He wants to transition entire neighborhoods. He’s rebuilding entire cities, one neighborhood at a time,e is doing it well.

3. He is a New Dallas Resident

He and his wife recently left their home and headed to a new city. They’re currently living in Dallas, Texas, and they love it. The city works for them, and their business allows them to find what they’re looking for. There are many neighborhoods within the city that could use their personal touch, and that’s precisely what they are focused on.

4. He Has a Few Flips Under His Belt

If you want to know how good he is at flipping houses, perhaps the more than 200 homes he’s flipped can give you a good idea. A man does not flip that many homes if he is not talented. He’s got the skill and the talent to do this, and it works well for him. His resume is one of the main reasons HGTV asked him to be part of this new show.

5. He Met His Wife in 2002

Most fans want to know all about Jason and his wife. How did they meet? It turns out they met two decades ago. They were at a concert. On his way to the restroom, he saw a pretty girl. He did what any brave man might do. He talked to her. That led to exchanging phone numbers. Now they’re in the midst of their seventeenth year of marriage.

6. He Knew His Wife’s Brother

What’s so cute about his love story is that he didn’t know his wife when he met her at a concert in 2002. He thought she was exceptional and had no idea he knew her brother. He went to college with his brother-in-law, EJ’s younger brother. It was fate.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Jason Williams

credit @jwilldevelop

7. HGTV is Their Inspiration

When they first married, they both worked in sales. They’d work all day, and then they’d come home. Jason and EJ cooked dinner, then sat on the couch to unwind. Their favorite way to do so was to turn on HGTV and watch shows about houses (they love House Hunters because they are just like all of us). They were so inspired but didn’t know how to get into the game. They did their homework, reached out to business friends, and bought a home. They fixed it, and they made $60k on it. It’s been 16 years, and their lives are changed forever.

8. He is the Deal Finder

Jason’s got a unique skill set. In addition to being the kind of man who is organized enough to lead a significant project and keep it together, he’s also the man who can find a deal anywhere. He knows exactly how to find a suitable house deal and make it his own, and he works hard on that. He’s the one who makes their family business successful in terms of finding deals.

9. Luxury is the Game

The thing that Jason likes to do is make luxury affordable for his buyers. He’s not interested in basic. He wants everyone to have a taste of a more good life, even if they are on a budget. He works to bring affordable luxury into every flip. If we are correct, he does this by focusing on the little details and the things many others find small and unimportant.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Jason Williams

credit @jwilldevelop

10. He is a Proud Father

He and his wife have a daughter; their family unit is the three. They are tight, and they spend ample time together. One of their favorite family activities is food. They’re all foodies, and they love new restaurants and new adventures. They love to find new recipes, try new things, and seek the best places to dine.

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