Will There Be An Assassin’s Creed Set in Japan?

Some people are of the mind that Japan would be a rather boring setting for another Assassin’s Creed game, as the thought is that ninja and samurai have been played out in such a big way that somehow they’ve come to believe that assassins and Templars would be just as defunct. There are still those that want to explore a historical view of Japan, however, using the land of the rising sun to create yet another chapter in the history of the ongoing war between the two factions. Plus, with so much material to work with it might be possible to work or rework something from history to match up with what has been penned in the books to create a fiction that might be more comprehensive than people are thinking even as it remains its own story. With fiction, there’s always another angle that can be looked at, especially if it can be utilized with history in some crucial way. When thinking about the setting though that’s kind of up to the design team since Japan sounds like a very enticing location to set this next chapter, especially since there are plenty of locations that might work in a very useful manner.

Anyone saying that any location would be boring needs a stiff shot to the imagination since pretty much any location could be made exciting if the right story is being by using the best applications of the many elements that go into it. So far, the Assassin’s Creed games have made use of a great number of landscapes that have been breathtaking in their detail and have been mostly interactive in some cases and almost entirely interactive in the case of the most recent release, Valhalla. Some folks are still thinking that Japan would be kind of a bad choice, but considering that there’s lore that’s already been written on the game, no matter if it’s bound to be real or not, it feels as though things should be getting a little more of a push since there ways around stereotypes and the boring old tropes that might be the fear of those that could get this ball rolling. Many people have their own take on this and have even given a hint as to what could and likely should happen, but as it’s been seen in the past, careful considerations and deliberations can be the death or the savior of innovation, and at this time it’s kind of a waiting game to see if anyone is going to figure out that Japan would be an ideal setting since it could force a change upon the story that would keep the idea of it alive but still change it just enough that it would become something else, as it did with Valhalla, a step into the past of another country where things are shown to be different yet again since that’s what Assassin’s Creed has been doing since the beginning. 

Just imagine how far this game could really go if someone were to keep at it and eventually expand the game into the modern era, meaning the war between the assassins and the Templars no longer needed the animus but was instead happening in real-time, as it does when the subject steps out of the animus. Bringing the game up through the years until it finally catches up with the present day would be interesting, but so would exploring as many far-off lands as possible, since China would be a great place to go to, as would several other countries that would be likely spots to find either order. Just imagine going back to other parts of Africa, or Australia, or South America. There are so many different locations that can be used, and that have very long and interesting histories that could be folded into the game, that it’s easy to think that Japan would only be one of many entries still to come. But it would be one that could possibly kick off towards another location after the game is over and done with. Looking forward to such a game it does feel as though it could lead towards another impressive turn in the gaming franchise since the stories that have been told in the Assassin’s Creed anthology could spread far and wide without much effort given how they’ve been presented so far. Some might want to claim that spreading too far might thin the story out and ruin it in a very profound manner, but on the contrary, the very nature of the game and the orders that oppose each other at every turn could create many more interesting tales that any author worth their words would be happy to write about. 

But Japan sounds like a great idea if only because thanks to its rich history it would be a setting ripe for another epic tale

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