Will ‘The King’s Man’ Top Kingsman?

There’s not much that’s known about The King’s Man as Ian Sandwell from Digital Spy has reiterated, but what is known is that it’s the prequel to Kingsman, the movie that kicked off this particular franchise and was followed up but Kingsman: The Golden Circle. What is also known is that the director is wanting to set up a third Kingsman movie at the same time that will finally bring the character arcs of Harry and Eggsy to a conclusion and possibly allow the films to rest. That and the fact that they seem to want to do an 8-hour TV show seems to indicate that the Kingsman series has been something that people are definitely finding entertaining and perhaps will one of these days see as another classic when it comes to the spy movies that some people love so much.

But there is a bit of a difference between The King’s Man and Kingsman, apart from Harry and Eggsy being left out, and that’s the fact that not only will the agency be starting up in this movie, but there will be little to none of the chivalry that we’ve come to associate the Kingsmen with. After all, the voice-over in the trailer does admit that becoming strong is less about being noble, or gentlemanly, or even a decent person. The power that was desired, the influence and the authority, were taken by those that had the gall and the nerve to acquire it from others and the fortitude to keep it when those same others came to steal it back. Beth Elderkin of Gizmodo seems to indicate that this version of the Kingsmen shows that the beginning is going to be a gritty and very hard-nosed attempt to show that no matter how an organization is seen after it’s existed for a while, the origins it clings to are not always as clean as some might like them to be. The King’s Man seems poised to show just how brutal a beginning the group really had, and will likely be action-packed and keep people on the edge of their seat in some instances. But the question is whether it will top the Kingsman or even try.

After all, there’s really no point in trying to top the first movie since it did manage to establish interest in the idea, and it did bring a pleasing and entertaining idea into the public eye. If The King’s Man tops Kingsman at all it will be largely because of the cast and the whole idea that it started something so clandestine yet so important that it became one of the best kept secrets in the entire country. In all honesty it would even be interesting if The King’s Man showed an association of some sort with the Statesmen at some point since the director seems to have an interest in making a movie about the American organization as well. It almost stands to reason that the Statesmen might not do as well since it’s a spinoff, but there’s always a chance that it could be made to shine in a way that’s different but still similar to Kingsman.

That being said this movie already looks like it might be a little slower in pace than the original Kingsman and possibly for good reason since it will have to seek to establish the basis for the Kingsmen and the idea that will eventually blossom into something greater. For now though Ralph Fiennes seems poised to take on a project that will hopefully be just as good as the first movie and will grant an even better explanation of how the Kingsmen came to be. So far it looks as though this might happen since the movie shows him and his sidekick, presumably, outside the shop where Harry and Eggsy were once seen, about to go inside and possibly show the younger man just what he’s getting into and what possibilities lie ahead. It’ll be interesting to see if Fiennes is going to go it alone for much of the movie or if the younger man in his company will be initiated into the organization at some point.

Some folks tend to think that movies based in England can be a bit dry and dull as they move along, but thankfully the Kingsman movies have helped to dispel that notion. And to be perfectly honest English movies, or American movies that are based in England, have been quite entertaining for some time now. The second Kingsmen movie wan’t quite the same caliber as the first, but this coming prequel seems to indicate that things are looking up and the future of the Kingsmen could be quite bright. Whether this movie tops the original or not doesn’t seem to matter so much, but it does seem that it would make the other movies shine just a little brighter if this one had a decent showing.

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