Will John Wick Die Eventually?

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This sounds like an inane question that might cause a lot of people to scoff since it’s not just obvious that John Wick might die at some point, but it’s kind of expected by a lot of fans even if they don’t want to admit that the stone-cold killer will one day meet his end. One thing that feels accurate to say is that the day John Wick does meet his end, it would be best to have him stare down his attacker from the moment he knows he’s doomed until the last breath leaves his body, if only because this is the legendary John Wick, and no other death would suffice. Director Chad Stehelski isn’t giving away too much, thankfully, since it feels as though what he’s already given is enough, but it’s also what is keeping people pumped to see the next movie when it comes out in 2023. The issue of John’s death isn’t so much the inevitability but rather the idea of whether it will come during the movie or near the end since those who have been watching the movies know what’s coming up, and they know that even someone as devoted to his craft as John will find the playing field anything but level since he’s now going against the High Table. That alone is enough to make one think that John is walking into the inferno, where even Baba Yaga might not dare to go. 

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John has gone up against some very long odds, but it’s easy to think that even he can’t do this forever

The injuries he’s sustained and the numbers that have come against him make it clear that John is good at what he does, exceptional and above excellent even, but it’s evident that the city has more assassins than John can handle on his own. He has been taken unaware a couple of times, and while his reaction time is amazing, his body is going to eventually wear out since, one way or another, he’s bound to start slowing up thanks to the gathered injuries that will eventually take a toll. To think that he’s still pushing forward, after all, that’s happened, almost makes him appear superhuman. Still, since this is a part of his allure, it’s not tough at all to think that John is going to be sending people to their graves long before the lucky shot or skilled opponent he meets up with sends him to meet his maker. Still, the long odds that he keeps going up against are bound to catch up with him at some point. 

The High Table has to have at least a handful of people who can top John

It does feel as though the High Table might have a few specialists that are around them at all times in order to discourage any open, brazen attacks, and these people could be every bit as skilled as Wick, or they could be even better. It’s tough to think of someone deadlier than John at this time, but a ruling body doesn’t stay the ruling body by surrounding itself with inept fighters that can’t do their job. It could even be that there are too many of them, seen and unseen, that could overwhelm John at any given time. It might even be that the members of the High Table are skilled killers as well, but that seems unlikely, given that John killed one of them after he sent him running in the second movie. 

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If John survives, it’s easy to think that he should either destroy the High Table or become a part of it

This is something that many people are anticipating since the idea that John might find a way to dispose of the High Table or at least let it know that he’s not messing around and he’s not going away remains enticing. But if that does happen, it does feel as though the world of John Wick would change fundamentally. This idea sounds good on paper but might come off as very different if it were to be placed in film as canon. 

One might almost think that the High Table fears John

This is a very presumptuous and dangerous statement in the world of John Wick since it’s likely that many would state that the High Table fears nothing, especially not a lone assassin, despite his impressive resume. But given the measures that the High Table is taking when dealing with John, it does feel that they respect him a little more than many others, and it could be that they fear what might happen if he’s given an unimpeded run at them. It’s just a thought, at the very least. 

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