Will We Ever See A Leonardo DiCaprio Produced “Captain Planet” Movie?

In the era of the entertainment industry that is vastly made up of blockbuster super hero and action films, there is always talk about which famed comic book hero will make their next appearance in the franchises. For many years now, there has been talk and rumor surrounding details about a ‘Captain Planet’ film that is said will be produced by none other than Leonardo DiCaprio. However, we have yet to see any further announcements about details or even a release date when it comes to the potential film. It begs the question for many as to whether this film project will ever make it to the big screen and to audiences all around the world. We are here to give you the details that we know surrounding the super hero film, and if it will every make it to a production release. Let’s get started.

What We Know From Two Years Ago

Back in 2016, the initial talk of the ‘Captain Planet’ film was at large, and was being thrown all throughout the internet. During the latest rumor wheel, it was revealed that Paramount was going to be partnering with actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company to bring the super hero to life. It was also stated that once they secured the rights for the hero and his story, the production companies were going to attempt to set Glen Powell as the writer behind the script for the film adaptation. Also in 2016, there was a very basic synopsis of the potential film that was released by the production companies as well (of course, being used to draw up the hype on a hero who’s prime was twenty years ago).

What We Can Expect If The Movie Makes It To Theaters

In all honesty, there has been no adaptations of Captain Planet since the animated television series that ran in the ’90s. This, ultimately, makes all of the Planeteers eager for the film to finally makes it debut and bring this green friendly character back to life. We are guessing that the story line is going to follow the life of Captain Planet after the series ended, continuing to save the world from pollution and all other harmful planet fearing elements. Although it may not seem like the most super of the heroes that we have seen throughout the years, we are sure that, if it does make it to theaters, that these production company will give the audiences everything they want to see.

Not Much More To Tell

There have not been many more updates on the ‘Captain Planet’ film in these last couple of years, as you can clearly see when you peruse the internet. However, as of last summer, it was confirmed that both Glen Powell as well as Jono Matt were signed on to complete the script of the film, meaning that the partnering between Paramount and Leo DiCaprio’s production company was able to successfully gain the rights of Captain Planet and his story; Unfortunately, that is about all we know. It was speculated at one point that the super hero film would be released this year, but that seems like an unlikely feat, considering that there has been no information regarding such a thing. As far as we know, the most that these production companies have done is gain the rights of the story, and signed on a writing team, as we aid before. Who knows if there is even a script yet? The sad end of the story is that we may never know.

Unfortunately, it may be a bit of time before we hear any more news regarding this somewhat highly anticipated super hero film. Maybe, it is a sign that we just might never see the return of Captain Planet and his planet loving mojo in this decade. But, fear not. Even if we may not get the Leo DiCaprio-produced film any time soon, there are still many different comic hero franchise movies that are set to be released all throughout the next couple of years down the road. It may be tricky, but if you would like to find out a little more information about the ‘Captain America’ film, and the details that were released years back, you can find it all online and across social media.

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