A Wild Pikachu Incident Occurs at a Mall in South Korea

I was trying to figure out an appropriate title to this article but I was at a loss.  Honestly the term “Pikachu incident” seemed the most appropriate.   So here’s what went down.  All of this took place at a shopping mall in South Korea.  To celebrate the grand opening of a new shopping mall in Songdo, South Korea, a chorus line of Pikachus entertained the crowd with a song and dance routine. But a tragedy strikes right in the middle of the performance. It happens about a minute into this video.

Wait a second, what the hell?  Yes, you’re watching this correctly.  The Pikachu actually started to deflate.  The helper then goes to assist the shriveling Pokemon character.   But here’s where it got crazy.  The “men in black” didn’t know what was going on and thought the performer was being attacked. Who knew Pikachus were under Secret Service protection? Anyway, it was quickly sorted out and Pikachu went off to get repaired.  If you’d like to take a look at only the relevant parts of the video check it out below:

Via Neatorama

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