Why We’ll Be Watching “Wrath of Man”

Why We’ll Be Watching “Wrath of Man”

It’s expected to see Jason Statham in an action movie, and it’s even expected to see him in a story that has to do with a guy that’s a seriously skilled fighter that knows how to take people by surprise, how to take down the bad guys, and how to be as mysterious as possible. From the trailer, it’s kind of obvious that H was seriously wounded but not killed, which is suspicious, while his son and a couple of guards responsible for a cash truck were killed. Following that, H goes to work as a guard for armored trucks around the LA area, no doubt looking for the crew responsible for his son’s death. The mention of an inside job is enough to make this movie sound a little more interesting since it’s not the first time an armored truck would be such a big plot device in a movie, since the failed movie Armored, starring Matt Dillon, Jean Reno, Skeet Ulrich, and many others wasn’t exactly well-received despite the action it contained. In this movie, though it does feel as though H is the type of guy that might have connections and might be out to make someone’s life very miserable, but fishing for suspects by taking on the role of an armored truck guard feels like a bit of a stretch, but it also sounds like a line of thinking that might get results in a much quicker way than the police might. That’s the thing about revenge though, it doesn’t normally have to go through legal channels if one is motivated enough to take the initiative and do it themselves.

Jason Statham has been an action star for quite a while now and trying to think of seeing him in anything else is a bit difficult since he’s stuck to this level of typecasting for a bit and hasn’t really done much else apart from his earlier roles. He has taken on a different part in a Guy Ritchie movie before since in Snatch he played Turkish, who wasn’t a fighter or a specialist of any sort. He also wasn’t a specialist in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, but ever since he took on the action star role he’s been showing up as one character after another that’s either been seeking redemption in some way or is a specialist that’s called upon to do things that are beyond regular law enforcement or are simply not legal in the least. This time around he’s legal, but it also sounds like he’s an unknown commodity since no one knows that much about him and it does feel as though those in the trailer are bound to be a part of the problem since armored trucks appear to be a big target in the trailer, which means that they’ll be a big part of the plot.

The casting of Holt McCallany, Josh Hartnett, Jeffrey Donovan, and Scott Eastwood makes it clear that if they’re not going to perform a turn and become the villains then maybe the movie will be less predictable and easier to watch. The casting of Post Malone feels like kind of a joke since the guy has been brought into the movies in the past and it’s been mostly so that the lead character can put him on the ground to remind his character that he’s not as big and bad as he thinks he is. Even with his part being fictional it’s still kind of appealing to see him go down again, yes, I said it. But apart from that, it does feel that this will be another Statham movie that will be all go and the same type of hard-luck story that will see him going after the people that did him wrong for revenge since that’s about what he does these days. There are movies that aren’t all about revenge and are more about redemption and a chance to start living right, but a lot of times the violence in a Statham movie is bound to escalate to such a degree that someone in the audience might make a quip as to why the bad guys don’t get the point right away that Statham’s character isn’t to be messed with since he’s just too awesome. There’s at least one in every crowd that will say something like this.

So far it does feel that it’s going to be yet another action movie that will show Statham being awesome and not much else, but until it’s released we just won’t know and it might be best to suspend any bias at this point until the movie comes out. Statham isn’t a bad actor, but he’s pretty one-note and takes on roles that people can predict very easily, and that’s why the bias is so easy to come by. But it could be an interesting movie.

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