Missing’s Success Points To An Important Sub-Genre In Modern Movies

Missing’s Success Points To An Important Sub-Genre In Modern Movies
Today’s society is more reliant on technology than ever before, and these has been chronicled in movies such as Missing and Searching. This is especially true for social media, which has dominated the landscape ever since Facebook became reality back in 2004. What was meant to introduce the world into a new way to engage with friends and family has tremendously evolved thanks to the continued evolution of technology. However, there’s a dark side to social media, and the first horror film to really to take crack at this subject was 2014’s Unfriended.
This new type of techno-thriller was expanded in Searching, the first film in this series that followed a man on the hunt for his missing daughter. What makes films like Unfriended, Searching, and Missing so important is that they’re more than just a piece of entertainment; it opens a serious discussion about the dangers of technology and social media that isn’t preachy and provides a complex and engaging film from beginning to end.

Missing Highlights The Various Ways Technology Can Be Deceitful

Missing’s Success Points To An Important Sub-Genre In Modern Movies

The movie, Missing, starts off as a simple disappearing story that comes close to veering off the edge several times. The clever concept of only showing the film through the user’s computer screen is an excellent method that helps us connect with the character instantly. We’re being thrust into a world that everyone understands and open the lives of these characters. The internet can be a true mask of a person that is behind the screen. That is more evident as the film moves along at a brisk place by diving deep into the lives of Grace, Kevin, and June.

Once Grace goes missing, it cracks open the vast ways that technology can deceive the naked eye. From the trick of Kevin sending a picture of Grace to June, to several revelations that sent the investigation down a deep rabbit hole; Missing showcased that we’re so far advanced within technology that even the average joe can be become a high-tech criminal mastermind thanks to a bunch of tutorials on Youtube. Evil truly exists in our world. Though the movie, Missing, goes over-the-top at several points, but it effectively highlights the negatives that come with technology advancement.

Missing Explores Social Media’s Impact On The Younger Generation

Missing movie

Plenty of good has come out of social media, most notably is the way we interact with one another. However, one of the biggest negatives to come from the rise of social media is the unhealthy need for attention and validation. In the movie, Missing, June is pretty tech savvy as she searches for her mother, but there’s a few lessons throughout the film that harms her way of thinking thanks to social media.

Since the way we interact with people is mainly through text messaging, it hinders the need to feel empathy for others and often results in cyber bullying. Though June is on a journey to find the truth, many of the moments presented in Missing present a character flaw that has been ingrained in the young generation because of social media. The impact of this new wave of technology is certainly awe-inspiring, but the dangers of it is all too real. The new sub-genre of techno-thriller movies, like Missing, explores the negatives of our modern culture that gives an important voice to the true horrors of reality.

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