Why We’ll Be Watching “The Forever Purge”

Someone didn’t want The Purge to end. One thing to say about these movies though is that they’re on the verge of becoming a bit worn out since quite honestly the idea is still something that gets people riled up and entertained, but in a country that’s currently entertaining a great deal of mistrust between its people, this idea is something that people might be wondering about. What’s really terrifying about the Forever Purge is that one has to think of the kind of coordination or utter lack of morality that goes into thinking that a continuous Purge would be the right way to go. Normally, since the first movie, the Purge lasts for only so long and then things go back to some semblance of normal, which feels nearly impossible after what’s done during each Purge. The only saving grace is that plenty of people still lock their doors and batten down the hatches so to speak when the Purge is going and simply hope for the best. This means there is still good in the nation, but the propensity for so much bad is simply too great apparently and the ability to be able to do anything at all for a set period of time has become less than enough for those that want to keep on doing bad things. A lot of people are no doubt going to look at this movie and realize that as bad as things appear in the country right now, they haven’t even come close to being this bad, and folks should be grateful since some can imagine this coming to pass, even if it would be one of the absolute worst things to ever happen to any country. History has recorded plenty of unimaginable acts, but condoning the criminal activities of a nation as a way to relieve societal stress, that’s another level of messed up.

The Purge is the type of movie that makes a lot of people hyperventilate as they might think that this is an entirely possible idea that could be executed in a manner that might make sense to a lot of people. The saddest part is that they’re not too far off the mark given the state the nation is currently in, but it’s fair to say that there’s still enough common sense out there to realize that the horrors that these movies have unleashed is the type that would be utterly indiscriminate and would affect everyone, as the only safe individuals in the world would be those hiding behind impenetrable walls and a hail of gunfire. The Forever Purge would be the chaos that people are so certain is coming, a sweeping plague of violence that would make what’s happening in the nation today look like a mild outburst. From the looks of it the movie will be exploring this idea in a way that has been seen before, but will take everyone by surprise since the general rule is known by everyone, that when the alarms sound at the end of the Purge, murder and all crimes become illegal once again. But those that are tired of following the rules and want to have their say are going to upset the system it would appear, and it would appear that the country is going to crumble in a very big way as those that have somehow organized the Forever Purge are allowed to run rampant and paint the streets red.

In a way, horror movies such as this are truly terrifying not because of what they show, but because of the ‘what if’ factor that they bring to the minds of the people. They cause individuals to question whether or not such things could actually be possible, and what might happen if they were. The movie doesn’t feel like it’s too off base when it comes to seeing the United States crumble if people were to give into their urges and allow their morales to disappear for a night, or for good. People are going to be talking about this one probably more than the others simply because of the way things have been going for the past year or so, and it’s easy to expect that we’ll see plenty of articles come forward based on how people react to this movie. It might be amusing to think that this movie could be thought of as a precursor to what might happen should Americans ever get the notion that the Purge is in fact the correct way to figure things out, but it’s also fair to say that a lot of people should be glad that things aren’t bound to go this way. If they did, the chaos might not end for a while. All the same, we’ll be watching the movie just to see bad things can get according to the director.

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