Why We’ll Be Watching New Sci-Fi Movie “Strawberry Mansion”

This is kind of like if someone had a fever dream and remembered it long enough to write it down and add a bit to it. But to be honest it does look intriguing in a certain way, though it’s bound to happen that it might be one of those that gets a great deal of attention only to be lost in the mix. The hope is that such a thing wouldn’t come to pass, but it’s kind of likely that it might. But the main point of the story is that in the future even dreams can be audited, meaning that one has to pay taxes on what they think and dream as well as what they do in the real world. That’s a bit unnerving to be certain, but this movie appears to take thing in a rather odd but interesting direction that shows the lead actor experiencing his own strange dreams as he pores through the dreams of an aging, eccentric artist and finds something that might lead to his own comfort and retreat from a world where everything costs something.

It’s a bit troubling to think of a time when our dreams might actually be subjected to taxation, meaning it’s either sleep and don’t dream at all or dream and have to keep an archive of everything that’s going on inside one’s head. It’s fair to say that some of us wouldn’t want people seeing what goes on inside our heads, not to mention that being able to audit dreams feels like a very invasive policy that would be heavily contested. But for the sake of the movie, this is what’s happening and it is kind of interesting to think about a science fiction standpoint. Anything other than that and it kind of feels as though the wrong people might get the wrong idea and actually think about something like this. Hey, if the government tax it, some folks believe they will at one point or another.

Saying anything else about this movie without watching it yet feels like it would be a good deal of guesswork and not enough actual factual data. But from the looks of things, it does feel as though it’s bound to be viewed by many people from a number of different perspectives. Like many movies that might not appear to be much, this could very easily become something that people will sing praises to and claim is one of the absolute best new movies to come along for one reason or another. The point of it is bound to spark debate in a few different ways and likely attract those that are bound to speak to a few points within society that the movie appears to be commenting on in its own way. That’s typically what people look for and what they want to discuss in movies such as this since the truth is there’s a lot more commentary on the current era in the movies than some folks want to admit to. Filmmaking is a great vehicle for speaking to the issues and iniquities in a society that tends to be enjoyed and listened to by quite a few people.

This movie in particular would no doubt spark quite a few debates that might range in content from the agreeable to the more controversial. People don’t need a lot of reasons for arguing one point or another when they’re talking about something, especially if has anything to do with human rights. Thinking that this movie will go by without any type of comment, discussion, or debate is a bit naive since it’s bound to happen that many people will have an opinion of this story in one way or another. The mere idea that a government would have access to one’s inner thoughts and dreams is something that a lot of people might think is a great way to bring up one debate or another. In all honesty, the movie does look pretty crazy, but that’s one more reason to watch it according to some, especially since it’s likely that there might be more than one idea in the story that people will think relates to something in their own life.

It’s easy to look at this movie and simply dismiss it as a nutty attempt to make something that people will pay attention to simply because it looks like something that was created using crayons and a grade-school education, but digging deeper into this idea is bound to uncover far more than can be seen on the surface. For that reason alone it’s likely that we’ll be watching and that a lot of people might find that the movie has more to offer than a few colorful images. Sometimes taking another look at something is the best way to make sure that one sees everything that’s there to be seen.

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