Why We’ll Be Watching New Netflix Horror Series “Typewriter”

As Jamie Lovett of Comic Book would indicate, Typewriter is one of the best to come along in a while not only because of the scare factor that it carries, but also because it’s simply terrifying and brings the idea of the ghost story back down to a common level that has escaped a lot of movies that have gone around the bend more than once. The average ghost story these days is something about a vengeful spirit, or a ghost that wants to do something nasty and vile to the humans in its sights. It’s kind of amusing once you read a few articles and come to learn about the occult that ghosts are composed of a lot of different attitudes but the general feeling is that they don’t usually care enough to bother with us that often. Of course there are those that are stuck between worlds, that weren’t able to move on, but at the same time those same ghosts aren’t any more evil or benign than the humans that walk the earth. In this series however that’s not the case, though it still seems far more simplistic than many other shows or movies.

The show is only a little more complex to be honest than other shows and movies, but it’s smart enough to keep the overwhelming dread packed in to the right spots as the cast are allowed to expand and grow as they need to in the course of the series. Plus, a lot of the supernatural happenings are focused around, you guessed it, the strange typewriter that seems to harbor the supernatural ability that grants the show its attractive nature. Joseph Knoop of IGN doesn’t really want to give out any more spoilers than that but really all one has to do is go on Netflix and watch the five episode that are there to be viewed and see for themselves. The act of creating a haunted item that is the core of the story is pretty normal since quite honestly such stories usually come down to an act or an item that serves as the focus of power and the reason why supernatural happenings occur. When the objects in a story carry the power it seems fair to state that destroying them should take care of the whole mess, but then again it’s never quite that simple since the forces that operate through such objects tend to be rather powerful depending on the story and are adept at making a great bit of mayhem to protect those items to which they’re attached.

It might seem as though it’s bound for a bit of that silly, almost Stranger Things-like motif when the three pals that are into finding and exposing ghosts are introduced, but Claire Reid of Lad Bible is adamant that it’s a great deal freakier than all that. In many ways this is reassuring since it indicates that it’s not some goofy series that will be riddled with plot holes and inconsistencies that could be noted by a grade-school student. It’s easy to assume that there might be some continuity issues here and there, but so far from looking at the trailer it doesn’t seem as though it would matter all that much. The shock value and the jump scares that seem to be planted at various moments throughout the series already feel as though they’re in the right spot to keep people from relaxing for too long and will seek to make viewers sit up and pay attention rather than being able to lay back and just enjoy the common scare. That’s what it seems to take these days since quite honestly some of the scariest, most disturbing stories these days are becoming commonplace. This is almost a return to simplicity it would seem, something that people have forgotten how to anticipate, and it couldn’t be greater.

The ghost story has been a common staple of human civilization for a long, long time, and ghost stories have been told in more than one way ever since the first of them was given by oral tradition. Ghost stories terrify us in their own way, they bring the kind of terror that speaks of the unknown that goes beyond our normal scope and is difficult to fully understand. But we still gravitate towards them since we enjoy being scared, we love the adrenaline rush that lights within our veins, and no matter how much we might say we don’t, we love the feeling of the unknown when it brushes against us in a most terrifying way. That’s why the story of Typewriter is bound to be watched by so many despite anyone’s misgivings, it’s the kind of story that we tend to like as human beings because it grants us a look, even if it’s a fictional one, into the next realm.

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